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musicMagpie.co.uk allows you to turn your old stuff into cash instantly. It's really easy to use. Just enter the barcode of the CD, DVD or Game, the make and model of your Tech or Electronics or the brand and type of garment of the clothes you want to sell into our Valuation Engine and we will tell you how much it's worth. Easy.

Millions of people, just like you, have musicMagpie'd their old stuff. Selling a range of unwanted items all in ONE place, whilst de-cluttering their homes and making a little extra money, just for themselves.

To find out more about all the items you can sell
with musicMagpie just click here - you can sell CDs, DVDs & Games, sell mobile phones, sell your laptop, sell your console, sell computers, sell monitors, sell GHDs, or get cash for clothes and even sell jeans or sell dresses.

If you want to sell CDs, sell DVDs, trade in games and sell Blu-rays, or if you want to have a bit of a quick clear out and are thinking, “I want to sell DVDs online and at the same time sell my laptop or sell my mac, do some mobile phone recycling, sell iPad and sell my iPod, sell Kindle, sell GHDs, sell hair straighteners or do some clothes recycling” - you can do all that right here. It’s so easy to do – you can sell clothes for cash, sell jeans, sell jumpers & cardigans, sell jackets, sell sportswear, sell shirts, sell trousers, sell suits, sell dresses, sell skirts and even sell jumpsuits! #musicMagpie.

We make recycling your old stuff really easy - you put your items all in ONE box and send it to us for FREE.

musicMagpie is FREE

musicMagpie.co.uk is totally FREE to use - and when it comes to sending us your items, that's FREE too.

It’s simple and FREE to send your items to musicMagpie all you have to do is pop your items in a box, any box, and well send out our FREE fully insured Courier Service to pick your items up from your door.




Just choose a date that suits you, and we’ll come and collect your stuff from you - for FREE, which means you can make extra CASH without leaving the comfort of your home.

We like to make getting CASH easy for our customers and so if you use our FREE Courier Service you don’t even have to be at home to have your items collected with our FREE Leave Safe Service #convenient.

Alternatively, we offer a FREE Send Service, just stick the label we send to you, by email or post, to your box and drop it off at one of 5,000 local Send Shops  - it's that simple!

Using our FREE Send Service means every parcel you send to us is Fully Insured and you’ll receive a proof of postage.

De-clutter and get CASH

You can de-clutter and get cash by musicMagpie’ing even more
and because we’ve listened to the thousands of our customers who were saying, “I want to sell my phone, sell my iPad, sell iPod, sell my iPhone, sell my tablet computer and sell clothes for CASH”, now you can.


Just enter the barcode of the CD, DVD, Game, make and model of your Tech or Electronics or the brand and garment type of the clothes that you want to sell in our Valuation Engine above and click the “Get Value” button for an instant offer price.

 How it works
Enter your items and get
an instant price... Kerching!
Send your items to us for FREE using our FREE Courier service
or FREE Send Service.
Get CASH for your stuff. Easy!
To find out more, click here
Get paid by Bank Transfer, by Cheque, or by e-Voucher or be kind and donate the money you make to Charity! Find out more here


An easy way to make money
musicMagpie is the best place to get CASH for your stuff - sending your stuff to us is FREE, you can do it all in ONE place and we'll send you ONE payment. Hassle-free, simple to do and really convenient. To find out how to sell your old CDs, DVDs, Games, sell Apple Goods, trade in Games and Consoles or sell old Tech and Electronics or get CASH for clothes click here.



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With the FREE musicMagpie app sell your stuff quickly and easily. Our app turns your Smartphone's camera into a handy barcode scanner and with nearly 1 million downloads it definitely makes selling easy.

Together we can make a difference
You can choose to support our chosen charities by donating the money you make straight to one of these very worthy causes.

Find out more about each charity, click here.

musicMagpie.co.uk allows you to recycle your stuff, turning it into CASH!

CDs, DVDs, Games, Tech, Electronics & Clothes are almost 100% recyclable. The stuff we recycle is made into all sorts of everyday items and we’ve already made 2.6 million ballpoint pens, 1.1 million traffic cones and 6.2 million clothes pegs in the last 12 months.

Recycling your unwanted items is a great way to make space and help the environment!

In the last year alone we've recycled enough CDs, DVDs, Games, Tech, Electronics & Clothes to stretch from London to New York City - Big Ben to the Big Apple!

In weight its the equivalent of 345,063 Justin Biebers, 130,417 Pavarottis, or 752,864 British Bulldogs!!

To help cut down on paper usage, waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we offer our customers the option to receive their Welcome Pack via email rather than it being posted. We also recycle all the cardboard and paper we use, and the amount weve already recycled would weigh the same as 3.2 million green apples!!

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