New artists to watch in 2013

A new year, a new start. That is how it rolls come midnight on 31st of December and whilst you celebrate this, new music and artists come ever closer to their big break.

December 26th 2012

In this feature, we take a look at some artists whose sound will travel far and be as wavering as the current music scene, which is expanding past the strict genres and venturing onto new ground. So this coming year, expand your music mind and approach new music. Need a little help? Take a look at our top picks below!

Swim Deep

The best way to describe the Brit boys of Swim Deep is to compare them to One Direction. The juxtaposition between them is quite fantastic really. Whilst One Direction are all spruced to the nines, Swim Deep looked like they crawled out of a Seattle bar during the late 80's. One is more talented than the other, and the bunch of handsome blokes are bound to take the indie market with their mixture of grunge and pop. Nice!

Check out 'Honey' below!


Art school graduate turned singer Laura Bettinson injects art into her sound with a 90's backbeat that entrances listeners with its commercial yet majestic approach. From their debut album which expands on the genres of electro and afro beat, the band is beginning to pick up heat with magazines closing in on this 3 piece so expect some elaborate editorial sometime soon. There music is a rave and this much excitement and honesty in a new band is revitalising the indie music scene. In the meantime, listen to 'Bad Insects' and enjoy the trippy, nostalgia ridden 90's club inspired video.

Angel Haze

One of this year's most inspiring and potty mouthed rap vocalist, Angel Haze is expected to sky rocket next year joining the likes of Azealia Banks, A$AP ROCKY and The Weeknd. Don't compare her though to other rap stars though, as she is adamant she shares nothing in common. It's clear that she is stepping onto new ground, her lyrics are tight and controlled, with a poetic nature that is endearing as it is strong. Her honesty in her music is testament to the woman herself, who keeps this in her everyday life as shown in interviews where she has said some pretty outrageous things. Hold on to your bootstraps, because Angel Haze has landed and she's not being quiet about it.

Check out 'New York' below (she's a rapper so expect some cursing. Not for grandmothers)!


When a duo gets compared to Sade they are going to be good. That's a vampy title to uphold and leaves major expectations. Yet as soon as you listen to the smooth 60's tones of Rhye, you forget any expectations and drift. Mellow and subtle, it's the sort of music that you hold dear and can fit into any of your days music needs. It brings back the market of RnB sounds in an overly auto tuned music scene, separating itself from the image and brings it back to the music. Don't expect to see Rhye take over the chart, but if you listen to the music, do expect to have it in your musical repertoire for years to come.

Check out 'The Fall' below!

Tom Odell

Signed by Lily Allen was the right move for this rising talent whose song, 'Another Love' was featured during the Burberry show during Fashion Week this September past and has been on the steady climb to nationwide recognition. Following the success of Jake Bugg, Tom Odell joins the new breed of artists who are going back to the roots of music, where good creative sounds lie. Starting off on a mini tour, Tom Odell has hit the ground running. Now let's see if he can keep up the pace...

Check out' Another Love' by Tom Odell below!


Say it, 'Juh-Jamz', it sounds as cool as this band with their pop rock infusion that's slowly infecting the radio waves. What is interesting is that these folk, all six of them; have had success before with different bands before forming together after a night in a karaoke bar. With a need to escape their bands which included Maroon 5, the members who are all best friends began to create music they wanted to make. The harmony between the members transcends into their sound which focuses on light hearted sound delights. Their debut album is called 'Suicide Pact' - not so delightful.

Check out 'Heartbeat' below!

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