Can Oblivion re-ignite Tom Cruise's Box Office Spark?

Go big or go home

March 7th 2013

Tom Cruise, the man once seen as the evergreen movie star has failed to light up the Box Office in his last two films. There was the average 'Jack Reacher' which gave the studios an average return and there was the massive flow that was 'Rock of Ages'. His last hit 'Mission Impossible 4' didn't come that long ago but in-case you hadn't figured it out from the title, it was the fourth film in the franchise and Cruise will surely know by now, you can't rely on one franchise to keep a career afloat. Even Stallone diversified with Rocky and Rambo and there you have an actor who basically sticks to one genre.

Picture Credit: Universal

A problem Tom Cruise may have is that he seemingly can't escape being Tom Cruise. You're not watching Jack Reacher, you're watching Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher, you're not watching Stacee Jaxx, you're watching Tom Cruise playing a rock star. Cruise is not a poor actor by any means, he's just tainted by a movie stardom that's hard to shake. When you watch a Tom Hanks performance, you're sold on the character completely, it doesn't matter that the man has one of the most recognisable faces in the business, he sells his characters convincingly.

Picture Credit: Universal

It could be argued that it's Cruise's off-screen camera antics have contributed to this problem but it would be unfair to judge him on anything other than his performances. That said, despite the bashing he regularly receives in the press, more often than not, he returns with a big movie that makes people sit up and take notice.

His next project is 'Oblivion' a sci-fi movie that sees Cruise play Jack Harper who is one of the few remaining drone repairmen on Earth. The planet is in a state of devastation after years of being embroiled in an alien war. When Harper comes across a crashed spacecraft, the contents make him question everything he thought he knew about the war.

Expect the promotion of this big budget movie to be ramped up in the coming weeks before its April release date and expect all that promotional material to have the film's star actor proudly emblazoned across it; a massive movie star for a massive movie. Does he still have what it takes to shift tickets at the box office? Time will tell...

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