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Sell Hoodies & Sweats allows you to Get CASH for your unwanted Hoodies & Sweats as well as your other unwanted Clothes, CDs, DVDs, Games, Tech & Electronics.

It’s really EASY to Sell Hoodies & Sweats with musicMagpie, just enter the Brand & Type of Garment you want to sell into our Valuation Engine and get an instant price – kerching!

Every day thousands of people use musicMagpie to get CASH for their stuff, just like your unwanted clothes – not only is it a great way to make some extra money but you’ll also be de-cluttering your home at the same time.

Not only can you sell Hoodies & sell Sweatshirts but with, you can sell other clothing too – you can even get money for your Tops and Shirts! Check out the links below to find out more:

musicMagpie is FREE is FREE to use and it’s completely FREE to send your stuff too! It has never been easier to sell old Hoodies & Sweats for CASH.

Sending your stuff is simple and FREE. We’ll send our FREE Fully Insured Courier Service to pick your items up from your door – and thanks to our FREE Leave Safe Service, you don’t even have to be in when the driver arrives. Just choose a date that suits you, and we’ll come and collect your stuff – SIMPLE.
Alternatively, you can use our
FREE Send Service, ajust drop your box off at one of our FREE Local Send Shops and we’ll take it from there!

Then simply pop your clothes in your box, along with all your other stuff and you’re done...EASY! Now all that’s left to do is to choose how you want to get paid!

There are four great ways to get paid, so once you’ve sent your Hoodies & Sweats to us and they've been checked, you can choose to
get paid by Bank Transfer, Cheque or e-Vouchers, or be kind and donate the money you make to one of our chosen Charities, it’s up to you! Find out more here.

Click on the links below to start selling

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 How it works

Enter your items and get
an instant price... Kerching!
Send your items to us for FREE using our FREE Courier service
or FREE Send Service.
Get CASH for your stuff. Easy!
To find out more, click here

You need to enter a minimum of 10 items or £5 worth of stuff to complete your order. You can enter a maximum of 500 items per Order, but you can create as many orders as you like!

Hoodies & Sweats

Loungewear doesn’t come more comfortable than Hoodies & Sweats.

Hoodies are generally associated with the modern day but they can in-fact be traced back to the middle ages when they would generally be worn by monks as part of a long tunic. The Hoodie as we know it today was born in the USA in the 1930’s, and was intended for labourers to wear while they were braving the cold temperatures, it wasn’t until the 1990’s however that it became known as the Hoodie.

Everyone at some point in their life has wanted to be a DJ or rapper. Whilst many of us get over this quickly when we realise we’re no Biggie Smalls some take it a little more seriously. Yes, those sweats and hoodies emblazoned with brand tags may have given you street cred in the 90’s but it’s the 2010’s now. It’s OK to let go and there is always DJ Hero!

With musicMagpie you can sell your unwanted clothes for cash, whether you want to sell Hoodies or sell Sweatshirts, you can musicMagpie them and get CASH as well as giving your wardrobe a good de-clutter!

To find out which Hoodies & Sweats we accept, enter the Brand and 'Hoodies & Sweats' into the valuation engine at the top of the page.
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