How to pack your stuff

Once you complete your order with musicMagpie we send you your Welcome Pack
. In your Welcome Pack you’ll find all the information you’ll need about what to do next, including details of how to send us your items for FREE. Our unique Clever Box Calculator also provides you with a Personalised Packing Guide just for you.

What’s the Clever Box Calculator?
To make sure that sending your items to us is really simple and EASY, we invented a Clever Box Calculator. Once you’ve completed your order it crunches all the numbers for you and creates your Personalised Packing Guide which tells you how many boxes you need and what needs to go in each box… we know, 'Its clever right?'

Your Clever Box Calculator also ensures that when you send your items you keep under the maximum box weight limit accepted by our FREE Send Service and our FREE Courier Service without having to get out your own scales! It even gives you a handy checklist so you don’t forget anything, sending us your stuff is EASY and hassle free!

Packing your items is EASY with your Personalised Packing Guide
Once our Clever Box Calculator has done all the hard work, it churns out your Personalised Packing Guide. Your guide will give you simple step-by-step instructions to make packing your stuff quick & simple. You should follow the guide to make sure that your items reach us in the condition you sent them in. Following your Personalised Packing Guide’s EASY steps means you’ll have your stuff packed in next to no time and before you know it you’ll receive your payment!

Sending your items to musicMagpie is completely FREE!
Sending your stuff is simple and FREE. We’ll collect your stuff using our FREE Fully Insured Courier Service. Just choose a date that suits you, and we’ll come and collect your stuff from you - for FREE, which means you can make extra CASH without leaving the comfort of your home!

Also, if you don’t want to wait at home for our FREE Courier you can use our Leave Safe Service. Just choose a place where you want to leave your boxes for collection, like your porch, garden shed or a neighbour’s house and tell us where you have left your items when booking your FREE Courier. Then we will collect your boxes from that location without you having to be at home. Simple!

If you’re selling less than 25 items or not selling a Tech item you can use our super-convenient FREE Send Service and drop off your items at one of 5,000 local Send Shop which are usually within one mile of your home, open evenings and weekends, 7 days a week. So, now you know how simple it is to pack and sell your stuff to musicMagpie why not Start Selling and make yourself some extra CASH.

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