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Get CASH for your Stuff

What do you want to sell?

How long does it take to get paid?

Once we have received your items, we will check them and make payment on the same day* as we receive them.

If you have selected to be paid via direct bank transfer or PayPal, your cash will be available in your account the next working day after we have received your items! Please make sure that you check the details are correct so that the payment doesn’t bounce back!

If you have opted to be paid by cheque, then this will be sent out via post the same day as we receive your items!

If you have sent your items via Royal Mail, they should take 2-3 working days to arrive. Don’t worry, they are fully insured and in transit so just make sure you keep hold of your receipt! You’ll also be able to track your items, and we’ll email you to let you know when they have arrived.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm (most are received before this) and in events that are out of our control.

What items can I sell?

You can sell CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu Rays and Tech with musicMagpie. See below items we currently accept.



  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • MacBooks
  • Apple TV
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Desktop PCs
  • Monitors
  • Kindles
  • Tablets

Games Consoles:

  • Xbox 360 consoles
  • PlayStation 3 consoles
  • PSP Handheld consoles
  • Xbox ONE consoles
  • PS4 consoles
  • Original Xbox consoles
  • PlayStation 2 consoles
  • Nintendo Wii consoles
  • Nintendo DS handheld consoles
  • Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles

Mobile Phones:

  • BlackBerry Mobile Phones
  • iPhones
  • Samsung Galaxys
  • Samsung Mobile Phones
  • HTC Mobile Phones
  • LG Mobile Phones
  • Nokia Mobile Phones
  • Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

How do I enter my items?

Entering your items is easy, just click CDs DVDs, Games, Books or Tech to get started at the top of any page. Then enter the barcode for CDs, DVDs & Games and for Tech select the Product type, Make & Model.

How can I find out what stage my order is at?

  • We will keep you updated by email at every stage of the process but you can also check the status of your order at any time by simply logging into your musicMagpie account and checking your order history. Sometimes these emails can fall into your junk or spam mail boxes, or into the ‘Promotions’ tab for Gmail users, so we do recommend that you add us to your safe senders list.


What is the FREE Send service?

  • Our FREE Send Service is our super-convenient send option which lets you drop of your items at your local ParcelShop, for FREE.

    Using our FREE Send Service means:

    • You can send us your items at WEEKENDS and in the EVENINGS
    • Your items are FULLY INSURED
    • Our FREE ParcelShops are usually located WITHIN 1 MILE OF YOUR HOME

    All you have to do is pack your items and drop them off at one of our local FREE ParcelShops. To find your closest FREE ParcelShops, please click here or go to /find-a-parcel-shop/.

    Just pack your items into a box (please do not put more than 60 items in a single box). Don’t worry if you have lots of items, please just use multiple boxes. Then attach the FREE Send Service label that we have sent to you in your Pack & Send Guide to the box.

    If you have more than one box, that’s no problem; all you need to do is print more FREE Send Service Labels, which is easy. Just Sign In to your Account and go to “Order History” and click on the “Printer Icon” next to the relevant Order Number and you can print as many labels as you need. Each label has an individual barcode which can’t be used more than once so please don’t print the same label twice!

Please also ensure that each box you send us has a Label on it that is easy to read.

What is the Smart Send Service?

Our Smart Send Service is our super-convenient send option which lets you drop off your items at any Royal Mail Post Office, for FREE.

All you have to do is pack your items using the check list in your Pack & Send Guide and drop them off at the Post Office.

Just pack your items into a box then attach the Smart Send Service label that we have sent to you in your Pack & Send Guide to the box.

How do I qualify for the Smart Send Service?

Our Smart Send Service is available to all customers who sell item(s) which fall within the size and weight restrictions. Don’t worry, we’ll work that out for you and only offer the service if it's relevant to your order.

How do I qualify for the FREE Courier Service?

  • When you create an order with us, you will be offered the option of either the courier collection or the FREE Send drop off service upon reaching the completion stages. To be eligible, you just need an order consisting of £5 worth of stuff.

Why isn't my item listed on your website?


  • If the barcode for a CD, DVD, Game or Blu-ray which you are trying to enter doesn’t return a price then unfortunately it means that we can’t accept it at the moment. Our database is updated regularly so it would be worth trying in the future but we can’t offer a price for something which isn’t recognised - sorry!


  • If the make or model of what you want to sell isn’t listed on our home page then unfortunately we cannot offer you a price right now. We may accept it in the future so it is still worth checking back at a later date!

What happens if I haven’t received my payment?

  • If your cheque was sent over 7 working days ago then please check that the address listed on your account is correct before contacting customer services to organise another payment.
  • If you have chosen to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal and not received it within 3 working days from the date it was transferred then please contact us and we can see what has happened. If your payment has failed due to incorrect details then we will also contact you to verify your bank details again.

I haven’t received my Pack & Send Guide

  • If you asked for your Pack & Send Guide via email and haven’t received it then you can also print a copy of the information you need by going to your order history and selecting the printer icon next to the relevant order number.
  • If you are dropping your items off at a FREE Send collection point and haven’t received the labels via email then you can locate them in your order history by selecting the printer icon by your order number. Do bear in mind that these labels carry an individual barcode so please do not print the same label twice. If you need any more labels feel free to contact customer services via email or call our standard rate customer service line on 0333 555 0101.

Is the price that my items were valued at the fee I will receive at the end of the process?

  • Not necessarily. As per our terms and conditions, the price which we offer for your items is subject to the order undergoing processing by our highly trained Quality Assessment team.
  • If you are unsure of the condition of anything which you wish to sell then feel free to get in touch if you need any advice. When creating an order with musicMagpie, it is done so in the acceptance that our assessment of your order is final and - with the exception of Electronic items - rejected products cannot be returned, so please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before making a trade.
  • If an item fails quality control, then the value of this item will be automatically deducted from your overall total. Any such amendments will be listed on your musicMagpie account under ‘Order History’ and you will also be advised by email.

How should I pack my boxes?

  • Your Pack & Send Guide contains a check list with clear instructions on how to pack your boxes to ensure that you stay under any weight restrictions.


  • Please make sure that your order is packaged up securely and that your labels are clearly visible on the outside. If you are dropping your order(s) off at a FREE ParcelShop then make sure you have the correct labels with a barcode for the shop to scan.


  • We don’t supply the box for you to pack your order in, but if you are having trouble finding a suitable box then you may find your local supermarket the best place to go! We accept any box; from shoe boxes to nappy boxes and everything in between.

Clarity on quality requirements for goods

When selling your items, payment is made based on the value offered at the time of transaction only and is subject to your items passing our quality checks (during our quality assessment process). Some of the quality checks, depending on the individual items you have decided to sell will include us checking the condition and/or description of the item you have provided are assessed as the same by us when grading/checking your items individually.

Some common reasons for rejections are below, but this list is not exhaustive so we also strongly recommend referring to our Terms and conditions for full details.


All CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and Games are checked for quality. This includes examination for scratches that stop the item playing and having a full set of sleeve notes.  We do not accept CD singles, blank CDs/DVDs or complimentary media such as those sent out with newspapers or magazines.

If you are not sure if your items will pass quality control you may still send them in but if they fail we cannot return them and payment will not be made. Please see the terms and conditions for further details. /terms-and-conditions/



There are set specifications about the quality of Tech so we strongly recommend reading the terms and conditions thoroughly before choosing whether your item would be classed as ‘Good’, ‘Poor’ or ‘Faulty’. If an item is not as described then as per the terms and conditions it may be re-graded and a lower price offered or even rejected altogether as faulty. /terms-and-conditions/


Missed courier and how to amend collection dates.

  • If you missed your courier or they didn’t arrive on your allocated day and you need to book another, contact our customer service team by emailing or calling our standard rate CS line on 0333 555 0101.
  • If you need to change your collection date then just get in touch and we can rebook another date for you. If you'd like to use our FREE Send Service instead, just take your box down to your local ParcelShop - you'll be able to use the same label. 

Courier Waiting Times

  • Unfortunately we can’t provide an allocated time window for the courier collections. The collection can take place any time between 8am and 8pm (Hermes) or 8am and 6pm (DPD). You don’t have to wait in though; we highly recommend our ‘Leave Safe service’ which means that you can leave your box(es) in a secure location for the courier to collect whilst you aren’t home. This includes places like a porch, a shed or even from a neighbour.