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Get CASH for your Stuff

What do you want to sell?

What is the minimum/maximum number of items I can send to you?

We accept a range of order sizes, starting at a single item and going up to 500 items! Please note your order needs to be over £5 in value.

What do/don’t you accept?

We accept a huge range of items; if it’s media you’re selling just type the barcode into the site or scan it using our app and it’ll tell you if we’re accepting it and the price we’re offering.

Please be aware that we don’t accept the following items: CD Singles and EPs, damaged or incomplete items, pirate copies or promo items that came free with a paper or magazine.

If you’re selling Tech, you’ll just need to search for the items you're selling, select the correct model from the search results and choose the appropriate condition - after that, you’re good to go! If you can’t find the item in question, we’re not accepting it right now.

In what condition are you likely to accept Media items?

Generally speaking we’re after items that are in a good condition. We believe this means that the discs are functional, the artwork undamaged and the item is in a case. We can appreciate that these are used items so we account for general wear and tear. For an extensive list of conditions we’d advise checking out our terms and conditions!

What happens to the items when you receive them?

Your items go through quite a journey once we receive them! They’ll arrive at a storage depot where we hold the items in a queue until our teams are free to test them.

When they’re in the queue the items and the packaging will go through a visual check to make sure we’ve got everything and to detect any problems.

Once they’ve cleared the queue they are sent over to the processing centre for quality assessment and we’ll keep you updated from there.

Some of my items are in a poor condition, will you still accept them?

Unfortunately if they do not meet our general terms and conditions, this cannot be guaranteed.

If unsure, please refer to our full terms and conditions.

How do I know if my items have passed their Quality Assessment and what happens to those that don’t?

Your online account is the best place to go, as we’ll update the order as the items get tested. Items that we can’t accept are rejected and then recycled responsibly at our own cost. Unfortunately we can’t hold onto rejected media items or return them.

It’s a slightly different story for Tech items so please check out the Tech specific section in our FAQs!