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Selling your stuff

5.1         There are two categories of Items which you can sell to us. These are:

a)      Media (which includes CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, Games (hardware only), Books, etc.); and

b)      Tech (which includes mobile phones, Apple goods, laptops, Kindles, tablets, games consoles, wearables, cameras, etc.).

5.2         It is important to understand which category your Item falls under as different terms will apply. We will send you a Pack & Send Guide when we confirm your order and this will confirm whether each of your items are classed as Tech or Media.

5.3         When you sell an Item to us through our Website, the order process will work as follows:

a)      you will be asked to select the type of Tech or Media that you wish to sell (e.g. CD, DVD, iPhone);

b)      for Media Items you will then be asked to enter a barcode (or scan the barcode using our Mobile Application);

c)      for Tech Items you will be asked to enter the make and model of your item;

d)     for Tech items you will then be asked to select the condition of your Item and for some items, specify whether the device is unlocked or locked to a network;

e)     at this stage you will be provided with a valuation for your Item (a “Valuation”);

f)     you can add a number of Items to each order (subject to the restrictions set out in these Terms and Conditions);

g)     once you are happy with your selection and the Valuation provided you will then click on ‘Confirm your Order’;

h)     you will then be presented with two options, either to ‘Accept T&Cs’ or ‘Reject T&Cs’. It is important that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you click ‘Accept T&Cs’;

i)     you will then be asked to register your account or sign-in if you are registered already;

j)     you will then be asked how you want to be paid, either by bank transfer, PayPal, donation to charity or by cheque;

k)     we will then ask you to select your send option and provide any associated details (such as a collection date and address for the FREE Courier Service);

l)     finally, you will click ‘Confirm Your Order’ to confirm and place your order; and

m)     we will follow this up with a confirmation email enclosing your Pack & Send Guide. You will need to be able to print off the label(s) contained in your Pack & Send Guide to attach to your Package to send your Items to us.