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Gender Pay

As part of the new Gender Pay Gap (GPG) transparency regulations, we have compiled our figures and submitted to the Government Equalities Office.

musicMagpie is meritocratic, so men and women with the same performance and experience in equivalent roles are paid equally.

However, we do have a gender pay gap because of the high number of men in senior roles. This means that when we take an average of hourly rates across the whole business, women are paid 22.42% less than men (this falls to 2.69% when you take the median), because women are outnumbered by men at senior levels.

When we look at bonus pay, our average gender pay gap is at 39.44% (with a median of 50%). Again, this is because there are many more men at senior levels within the business.

The proportions of men and women getting paid a bonus is split as follows: 59% male, 43% female.

As required by the regulations we have split our relevant paid colleagues into four equal quartiles based on their average total hourly rate of pay to show the gender distribution for each quartile.

Gender Pay Gap

We continue to be committed to creating an inclusive culture that helps all colleagues achieve their full potential at every level and be rewarded equally, regardless of gender.

I confirm that the data published in this report is accurate. Steve Oliver. Chief Executive Officer, musicMagpie.