How much money do video games make in a minute


With billions of players around the world, the video game industry is booming, generating over $120.1 billion in 2019 – that’s more than the film and music industries combined! But which games are making the most money? And how is this split between game revenue and in-game spend?

We looked at some of the top grossing games of the last year and calculated just how much money they made each minute.

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Per minute earnings
£ $
Game title
Total revenue
Game revenue
In game spend
Amount earned since you opened the page
£{{Math.floor( * 0.80)}}
€{{Math.floor( * 0.92)}}
£{{Math.floor(game.gamerev * 0.80)}}
€{{Math.floor(game.gamerev * 0.92)}}
£{{Math.floor(game.ingamespend * 0.80)}}
€{{Math.floor(game.ingamespend * 0.92)}}
£{{Math.floor(game.printspend * 0.80)}}
€{{Math.floor(game.printspend * 0.92)}}
Total revenue:
Game revenue
In game spend

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We used a combination of 2019 publisher financial reports and figures released by SuperData to gather the earnings per game, split by add-on and game revenue. When both figures weren't released for individual games, we used the publishers overall split of add-on vs game revenue for 2019, and the figures which were published, to estimate the remaining earnings.