Where do I go to get a mobile phone screen fixed?


Apple strongly recommends you use their own repair service if your screen is damaged. You can pop into an Apple Store yourself and get a repair on the day, or post it to them and have your repaired phone back to you in three to five days. Depending on your model, costs range from £80 to £120.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung recommend you visit one of their approved repair specialists. You can head to a Samsung Experience Store, which are located in cities across the country, and they’ll repair it for you there. Approved specialists such as the Carphone Warehouse will be happy to carry out Samsung screen repairs too. Samsung screen repairs can be pretty expensive though, starting at around £80 and going up to £160 depending on which model you have.

Nexus Devices

Nexus Devices are produced by a wide range of manufacturers. It should be clear who manufactured yours and they will usually offer repairs. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if yours does. If not, there are a range of online and high street repair specialists you can send your device to but bear in mind that they’re not likely to be endorsed by your manufacturer. The costs vary greatly among Nexus devices, and you’re looking at a minimum cost of around £90.