How do I backup my mobile phone?

A mobile phone, tablet and laptop connecting data to the cloud

These days, very few of us think to regularly connect our phone to a computer and sync all of those cherished photos, videos and texts. This means that most of us are just one hard reset or one drop of the phone away from losing a ton of data.

That’s why it’s important to back up your device. Almost all smartphones now provide some sort of backup option that allows your settings, contacts, photos, texts and more to be saved and stored remotely. This means no matter what happens to your phone, you won’t lose anything important on it.

How do I backup my phone?

How do I backup my iPhone?

The best way to backup your iPhone is through iCloud. To do this:

1) Make sure you’re connected to WiFi.

2) Open settings and go to iCloud.

3) On the menu, look for ‘backup’.

4) Switch on. This will automate backups in future, and you can choose to back up immediately by clicking ‘Backup now’ at the bottom of the page.


Alternatively, you can backup your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes:

1) Open iTunes on your computer and connect your device via USB.

2) Click ’File’, then ‘Devices’, then ‘Transfer Purchases’.

3) On the device menu screen within iTunes, click ‘Backup Now’.


How do I backup my Android phone?

1) Open the settings menu and select ‘Backup & Reset’.

2) Make sure the option ‘Backup my Data’ is selected. This syncs all of your settings, bookmarks and passwords.

3) To sync data from all Google apps, head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accounts & Sync’, then click ‘Google’. Observe the list of apps and tick any that you want backing up.

4) To backup photos and videos, open the Photos app, tap the three dots in the top right corner and slide ‘Auto Backup’ on.

5) Manually backup photos and videos by connecting your device to a laptop and use it like an external hard drive, copying files over.


How do I backup my Nexus phone?

1) Open settings, select ‘Personal’ and then ‘Backup & Reset’.

2) Tap ‘Back up my data’ and turn it on. This will back up all of your settings and data.

3) To back up photos and videos, use Auto Backup. To do this, install Auto Backup on a computer and set it up to automatically backup photo, video and music files.


How do I backup my HTC phone? 

1) Open the HTC Backup app.

2) Tap ‘Turn on automatic backup’.

3) Select ‘Backup phone daily’ and select ‘Next’.

4) Sign in with a Google account, HTC account or Facebook account.

5) On the cloud storage screen, tap the ‘Google Drive’ option and select ‘Ok’.

6) To do a daily backup, make sure the Automatic Backup is switched on. You can also tap ‘Backup Now’ to manually backup your phone at any time.