How can I keep my mobile phone secure?

Mobile Phone Security Password Protected

We trust our phones with our most important personal information: our bank details, our passwords and our identity. We even use them to make contactless payments! Therefore, it’s vital you know how to keep your phone secure.


The most obvious security feature is the passcode. You can apply a numerical or alphanumerical passcode to your device and select when you want it to be required. Combine this with auto-lock for extra security; this will automatically lock your phone after a set period of inactivity. It also minimises the risk of you leaving your phone open somewhere and someone then being able to use it.


More recent models also feature fingerprint recognition within the home button, however some older models do not have this functionality. As no-one can replicate your thumbprint, this is a much more secure option than a passcode (which anyone can look over your shoulder and catch a glimpse of!), so set up your phone so that only your thumb can unlock the device.


iPhone 5s/6/6s/7

To set up fingerprint scanning on your iPhone (if it is a 5s or later model), tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Touch ID & Passcode’, and then enter your passcode. Next, tap ‘Add a Fingerprint’ and you’ll be prompted to press your finger on the home button. Make sure you hold the finger you use to unlock your phone usually so that you can scan in with ease each time you want to use your phone.