Where can I get a new mobile phone battery?

A hand changing a battery in a mobile phone

Where can I get a new iPhone battery?

If your iPhone is within its one-year warranty, head to an Apple Store to have it tested. If your battery capacity has dropped more than it should, they may replace the handset for you for free. Otherwise, you can put in a service request and mail your phone to Apple or take it to an Apple Store. They’ll replace the battery for you and it usually costs about £59.


Where can I get a new Samsung Galaxy battery?

Many Samsung Galaxy smartphone models come with removable batteries. For those that do, replacement batteries are widely available online from various retailers; however, Samsung recommend you only use approved stores. If your battery isn’t removable, you may have to contact an approved repair centre through your service provider and arrange to have a new one fitted by them. This can often be pricey.


Where can I get a new Nexus mobile phone battery?

Approved batteries for Nexus Devices are widely available online for as little as £10, increasing up to £50. We recommend you pay a professional to fit it for you though as changing the battery on some models requires some seriously delicate work.


Where can I get a new HTC mobile phone battery?

There are a wide range of retailers and repair centres who will change a HTC battery for you. The cost can range from as little as £20 up to £70. You can pop in and visit a repair centre or post your phone to them. Bear in mind that few are approved by HTC so it may invalidate a warranty or any insurance.