What causes mobile phone batteries to die quickly?

A person holding a mobile smartphone with low battery

What causes mobile batteries to die quickly?

The cause of a quickly draining battery is the same for almost all smartphones. The main culprit is your phone’s addiction to Wi-Fi and Mobile data. Smartphones are constantly scanning for a connection and this drains the battery. It’s made even worse if there are apps refreshing themselves in the background and if your phone is tracking your location. Some apps, such as gaming apps, are pretty demanding, so they’re more likely to use up your battery power. In other words, your phone’s brain is constantly having to work and process things and this consequently drains it of juice.

How can I extend the battery life?

The best way to extend battery life is to manually switch off WiFi or Mobile Data connections when you’re not using them. Turning down the screen brightness can help too, as can remembering to close any apps running in the background. Some operating systems now come with a ‘low power mode’ which will do all of these things for you and help prolong the battery life for as long as possible.