How do I get photos and videos off my iPhone to free up memory?

A Iphone 6S plus mobile phone device

We’re all guilty of taking a few too many photos: selfies, holiday snaps, blurry pics from nights out – the list goes on. Photos, and particularly videos, can use up more storage space than you realise. You don’t want to lose them though so it’d be best to get them off the device and store them somewhere else.

When it comes to deleting photos and videos off your iPhone, this is really quick, simple and easy. Using your USB cable, connect the device to a laptop or PC. For pictures and videos, you can use the iPhone almost like a memory stick. Simply import the images and videos onto your computer’s hard drive. Once you’ve moved everything over, you can delete the originally copies on your phone. You could also store your photos on iCloud, which is an option that can be selected on your device. This means you can access them remotely across a range of devices and the files won’t clog up your phone’s memory.