How do I get photos and videos off my Samsung Galaxy to free up memory?

A Samsung galaxy S5 mobile phone device

We’re all guilty of taking a few too many photos and recording video footage of those precious (or embarrassing) moments. You don’t want to lose them though, so it’d be best to get them off the device and store them somewhere else.

Samsung Galaxy phones have a useful feature that allows you to immediately ping small groups of photos to another location as you take them, which means you don’t have to store them all on your phone. These locations include your mail inbox, Facebook or the cloud. You can do this by selecting photos within the Photos App, clicking the share button (three dots joined up by lines) at the top right and choosing where you want to share the photos to. You can also use the traditional USB method and connect the device to a computer using a cable. Then simply drag and drop the files you want to transfer from the DCIM folder.