How can I keep my Samsung Galaxy S7 secure?

Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7, go into Setting and tap ‘Lock Screen and Security’ under the ‘Personal’ tab, and then tap ‘Fingerprints’ which is under the ‘Security’ tab. You can then add your fingerprint and use this to lock/unlock your phone.


Worryingly, your phone can be hacked if you connect to a malicious WiFi network. To avoid this happening, apply the ‘Always ask to join networks’ setting which means your phone will never connect to a wireless network without your permission.


Keeping your phone software up-to-date will help keep it secure. Programmers add protection against new and emerging threats with every update, so always update your operating system when prompted.


There are anti-virus software and apps available for most devices and it’s definitely worth downloading one. While the Apple App Store is fairly tightly controlled, the Google Play Store is far more open to abuse and malicious apps.


Finally, enable location services. Many phones now come with a device retrieval system/app so you can log in online and get a GPS location of where your phone is when you lose it or have it stolen. If you think it’s been stolen, many of these systems let you lock your phone and wipe the memory remotely.