Sell Designer Handbags, Shoes, Jewellery & Accessories

We’ve partnered with Luxe Collective to give you a fast and easy way to sell designer handbags, footwear, jewellery and accessories. You don’t need to worry about taking pictures, writing a listing or dealing with DMs – just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with a free valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're one of the UK's most trusted trade-in services, offering people a quick and easy way to turn their unwanted items into cash. We've won countless awards for our service and we're rated Excellent on Trustpilot too - so we're a name you can trust. 

We’ve partnered with Luxe Collective, one of the UK’s leading pre-owned designer fashion retailers. They have extensive experience offering customers a swift and stress-free way to trade in their designer fashion, with experts who can determine the condition and authenticity of an item.

It’s a great alternative to selling on a marketplace yourself, which involves listing items, taking pictures, dealing with buyers and paying for shipping. Let us and Luxe Collective do the hard work instead!

Use the form above to tell us about the item you want to sell. We’ll then get in touch with an instant offer (where you’ll receive cash within 24 hours), a listing price (where Luxe Collective will list and sell your item on your behalf), or both.

If you’re happy with the offer, you’ll receive a free shipping label and a tracking link so you can see exactly where your item is in transit. When your item reaches Luxe Collective, their in-house team will carry out authentication and condition checks.

If you accept the instant buy out offer, you’ll receive payment for your item within 24 hours of the checks being carried out. If you choose to list your item, Luxe Collective will pay you 18 days after your item sells.

Yes, there’s absolutely no obligation to accept our offer. 

We’ll arrange for a courier to collect your item from your home, work or wherever is most convenient. The team at Luxe Collective will then assess its condition and verify its authenticity. Once those checks are complete, we’ll pay you.

For some items, Luxe Collective offer you the opportunity to have your item listed for sale on their website. If you choose to accept their listing price (rather than an instant buy out offer), you’ll receive a free shipping label. The team at Luxe Collective will then authenticate and check the condition of your item, as well as handling photography and listing. Your item should appear on their site within 3 days. Over 30% of products listed on Luxe Collective sell within 7 days.

You’ll receive payment within 18 days of your item selling. Luxe Collective will then take a small commission based on how much your item sells for:

Listing Price

You'll Earn

LC Commission













Items should be in excellent to gently used condition. They should also be clean and free from significant wear, stains or damage. Please list any flaws when describing your item.

Luxe Collective will notify you via email and provide a reason for your item failing their checks. If you want your item to be returned, a £40 fee will be charged to ensure it gets back to you safely. This fee covers the cost of the courier service as well as the extensive work carried out by Luxe Collective’s experienced authenticators.