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Sell Other Stuff

We're always looking for ways to help you make a little extra cash, as shown by the constantly growing list of items you can sell with us!

Here are just a few of the extra items you can now sell with us. Click the button below each item to start selling.

Sell Gift Cards

We've teamed up with Zeek, the UK's leading gift card marketplace, to give you an easy way to sell your unwanted gift cards!

Just list your card, set your price and wait for a buyer - most card sell within just a few hours.

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Lego 1
Sell LEGO®

As we buy LEGO® by weight, you can sell any brick you own to us - not just sets!

Simply pop your LEGO® into a bag, weigh it and round up the weight to the nearest 0.5KG then send it for FREE!

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