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Sell Kindle

Please select the Kindle you want to sell.

AMAZON  HDX 8.9 WiFi 2nd Gen

AMAZON HDX 8.9 WiFi 2nd Gen

AMAZON  HDX 8.9 3G 2nd Gen

AMAZON HDX 8.9 3G 2nd Gen

How do I sell my Kindle?

Sell Kindle

It's so easy to sell your Kindle with musicMagpie

With so many updates to the Kindle, it’s understandable to feel the need to upgrade. Got an old Kindle to sell? Recycle Kindles with musicMagpie! It’s the fastest, easiest and most sustainable way to get cash for your old device.

  1. First, get an instant price by telling us which model you’re selling and the condition it's in (don’t forget you can sell other items at the same time too!). 
  2. Then, pop it into a box and send it for FREE. 
  3. We’ll then pay you the same day your items arrive by PayPal or Bank Transfer!

Yep, you can recycle broken Kindles with musicMagpie! As long as the Kindle is working, we’ll accept them - even with heavy cosmetic damage.

Simply follow the existing steps on how to trade in Kindles. Find out more about our broken electronic trade ins.

musicMagpie is the fast, FREE and easy way to sell Kindle devices. Thanks to our Tech Price Promise, you’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer or we’ll send your item back for FREE – no questions asked.

Old Kindles are still worth a fair amount, but prices can vary depending on the market conditions at the time of selling. We’ll lock in the price of your Kindle for 21 days - giving you plenty of time to upgrade and get the best price for your old Kindle!

musicMagpie - the fast and easy way to sell your Kindle!

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