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It's surprisingly easy to sell netbooks with musicMagpie

musicMagpie is the fast and easy way to sell your unwanted Tech, like your unwanted Netbook. If you’re wondering ‘where can I sell my Netbook?’ then musicMagpie can help you by giving you cash and helping you declutter at the same time.

The Netbook was built to, unsurprisingly, surf the net. Arriving in 2007, they offered customers a cheaper and lighter alternative to the laptop. They soon took off, with customers who could do without the extra power and features of a laptop turning to the Netbook instead.

The Netbook didn’t have it all its own way though; it wasn’t long before Apple introduced the world to the iPad, and a host of other tablets soon followed.

With many people overlooking the Netbook in favour of rushing out to get the latest in Tablet technology, the sales of Netbooks gradually slowed.

If you’re looking to change things up to a tablet or a new netbook, or perhaps you just want to declutter, then musicMagpie can help.

Simply get an instant price for your Netbook, then pop it into a box along with anything else you're sell. 
Next, send it to us using one of our FREE send options. As soon as your items arrive, we'll check them over then pay you the same day. Why wouldn't you? 

musicMagpie – why wouldn't you?


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What is the make of my Netbook?

If you’re unsure what Netbook you’re selling, please refer to your Netbook's original packaging where you should find all the details you need to start selling. You may also notice your Netbook's logo printed on your tablet along with the Netbook's model number.

What is the model of my Netbook?

If you're unsure what the model of your Netbook is, please refer to the Netbook's original packaging. Additionally you may be able to find the model by looking on the outside of your Netbook. On some models you may be able to find the model of your tablet by accessing the Netbook's settings and looking in the 'About' section.