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Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Trade In

It's so easy to sell your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 with musicMagpie

Of course! Here at musicMagpie, we accept a huge range of Samsung smartwatch models!

Get an instant price today for your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 and we’ll lock it in for 21 days, giving you plenty of time to upgrade and beat depreciation. 

To find out more about how to sell your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 smartwatch, head over to our how it works page.

It’s never been easier to trade in smartwatch devices with us and we’re the UK’s #1 Recycling Service so you’re in the best place!

You won’t have to wait around to get paid either, thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments!

Plus, by recycling your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 with us, you’ll help reduce e-waste and save precious materials.

If that wasn’t enough, our Tech Price Promise means you’ll get paid the first price we offer for your smartwatch or we’ll return it to you for FREE!

It’s so easy to sell used tech with us! Just follow these steps to trade in:

  1. Tell us the model, condition and storage - our three conditions are ‘Good’, ‘Poor’ and ‘Faulty’
  2. Put your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 into a secure box and send it to us for FREE
  3. Get paid the day we receive your item, thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments via PayPal or Bank Transfer

We accept broken devices that are cosmetically damaged or water damaged. However we cannot accept your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 if it is snapped, bent, crushed or is missing parts and pieces.

If you’re selling a broken device with us you’ll need to choose the faulty condition.

Please note: faulty devices have a much lower value compared to trading in a smartwatch in good or poor condition.

We encourage you to reset your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 before selling it to make sure the next user doesn’t have any access to your private data such as contacts, email addresses, passwords, apps etc.

Just follow these easy steps to reset your smartwatch:

  • Press the Home button from the screen
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll to Gear info 
  • Scroll and choose Reset Gear
  • Select the checkmark to confirm the reset

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 today!

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