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Because - Am Olivier

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Because - History Is Changed by Very Unusual People
Am Olivier
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Bec Otinga, a young girl, is rescued under strange circumstances from war-torn Africa and brought to the UK by an unlikely alliance between the future Archbishop of Canterbury and a shadowy organization that searches the world for people with unusual capabilities.

Bec graduates at seventeen, then disappears, reemerging a year later having written a compelling book called Enough. It rapidly becomes a global best seller. Enough advocates a lifestyle based on an alternate philosophy, a different worldview. She establishes a foundation based on these tenets. She believes that the world's leaders have failed humanity.

The Enough movement spreads virally, challenging established orders and institutions of leadership. People flock to its banner, energized by the book's teachings and its charismatic young author.

People "make their move"--an act of faith in the new order, discarding materialism for living with a compelling personal purpose, namely to play an active role in birthing a New World Order. Enough rejects market capitalism and the sovereignty of nations.

Bec and her followers spearhead the growth of Enough into a major global movement that musters hundreds of millions and starts to usher in a new society. The story unfolds across the UK; Australia; Argentina; Central, West, and Southern Africa; the USA; and Europe.

Bec declares war on the old order; however, this is not a conventional war but one based on Gandhi's passive resistance. In the process, they create deadly enemies.

By twenty-seven, she is a global superstar, and religious institutions battle to make sense of her. Her journey is complicated by rumors of a power to perform healing miracles. As her campaign to save Gaia grows, some begin to wonder if a Green Dictator has arisen, doing what democracies and despots have failed to do. But time is running out for her.

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