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Blogging for educators - Starr Sackstein

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Blogging for educators - writing for professional learning
Starr Sackstein
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

This book is the go-to guide for helping educators establish an online presence through blogging. Through sample blog posts, examples, and engaging dialogue, leaders and teachers will learn to:

  • Use a blog for reflection and growth in their professional learning

  • Deal with the technical side of setting up a blog

  • Get started with writing prompts and ideas

  • Develop best practices for digital citizenship and online safety

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Starr Sackstein currently works at World Journalism Preparatory School in Flushing, NY as a high school English and Journalism teacher and author of Teaching Mythology Exposed: Helping Teachers Create Visionary Classroom Perspective. This year she begins a new blog with Education Week Teacher called "Work in Progress" in addition to her personal blog where she discusses all aspects of being a teacher. Sackstein co-moderates #jerdchat and #sunchat as well as contributes to #NYedChat. This year she has made the Bammy Awards finals for Secondary High School Educator. In speaking engagements, Sackstein speaks about blogging, journalism education and BYOD, helping people see technology doesn't have to be feared.

"Starr Sackstein writes with a fresh voice on her popular blog, and that voice comes through clearly in her first book. Written like a personal coach for novice bloggers, Sackstein offers practical experience and invaluable insight into the whys, whens, hows and whos of building your very own professional learning network (PLN). This is a must-read for educators of all levels ready to expand their professional repertoire by taking the plunge into social media."
Walter McKenzie, Education Technology Author, Speaker, and Consultant

"Starr Sackstein expertly helps you plant your very own blogging seed and then skillfully guides you through nurturing its growth through a clearly explained step-by-step process which removes any fear of failure while at the same time allowing you the freedom of your own fun, creative spin to blogging."
Barbara W. Madden, English and Math Teacher

"Starr Sackstein shows the importance of blogging in the classroom, breaking down the steps so every single teacher can get the most out of this often overlooked tech tool. Every teacher can be a blog-star in the classroom!"

Dawn Casey-Rowe, Blogger and Author

"Blogging for Educators is practical and useful for beginning and more seasoned bloggers alike. Starr gives great advice on making blogging meaningful and answers the all important question of 'Why should I blog?' when time is so precious. Clear and concise, this book will empower readers to write for an authentic audience and open a reflective conversation that facilitates growth."

Garnet Hillman, Instructional Coach

"This is a fantastic read for connected educators and educators interested in being connected. It is a succinct and friendly guide to blogging: why start, how to start, and how to succeed. Starr does a superb job in sharing her experience with becoming a connected educator and using blogging as a tool for professional development. She clearly outlines the benefits of blogging for teachers as a meta-cognitive self-reflection tool. Starr argues that it is through blogging that teachers are able to self-reflect on their teaching practices and improve them in the classroom.

The book also does a fantastic job in showing popular blogging platforms' pros and cons, as well as how to get started with each one. This guide is very helpful for new bloggers, or people interested in blogging as all the information is outlined very clearly and allows the reader to easily make a choice. If you are a passionate educator and looking to adopt a new tool for professional development, then Starr's book is a great start in helping you become a connected educator and a better teacher."

Rusul Alrubail, Professor

"Starr Sackstein has written a smart, engaging, and useful book that can greatly help teachers at all levels in the 21st century. Technology and social media-when used in the ways she discusses-will benefit current and future teachers, students, and curricula. Sackstein speaks to new and current educators interested in blogging about important issues of pedagogy, accountability, collaboration, and creativity. Blogging for Educators is a relatable, thought-provoking read for educators from K-12 to academia. It should become a handbook for all teachers interested in connecting better with their students, each other, and other education bloggers and Tweeters. Readers will get both the How and the Why of engaging in public writing and public teaching as well as Starr herself does."

Joseph Fruscione, Freelance Editor and Former Adjunct Professor of Literature and Writing

'In Starr's must read book, she clearly articulates the undeniable benefits of writing development and ties them together with progressive tools and strategies for a user-friendly look at how to take learning to the next level!"

Seth Berg, Principal

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