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Business-driven research and development - Ashok S Ganguly

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Business-driven research and development - managing knowledge to create wealth
Ashok S Ganguly
Palgrave Macmillan
UK Publication Date

Business-Driven Research & Development demonstrates how science and technology can be managed in order to meet well defined business directives. The book argues that it should be a fundamental business premise that the primary role of research and development is to fulfil strategic objectives, within a framework of time and cost targets. The book examines the traditional disconnection between research and development and the market place, and presents the means to derive competitive advantage through overcoming it.

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DR GANGULY is Chairman of ICI India and non-executive member of the boards of several major companies, including British Airways.

'At last, a practical R&D management text, written authoritatively by someone with broad experience and practical insight. The complexities of this vital, but often under-emphasised techno-commercial arena, are demystified by Ashok Ganguly, who has written a book destined to become a standard text for business, consulting and academe.' - R&D Management

'I can strongly recommend this book to chemists. It is written by a person with long experience of R&D leadership in our industry and the examples given are usually taken from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.' - Peter Bamfield, Chemistry in Britain

'Dr Ganguly packs in this book a deep understanding of the R&D process with well tested managerial guidelines for converting knowledge into wealth. This is a must for managers who want to create the future.' - Professor C.K. Prahalad, University of Michigan Business School

'Ashok Ganguly has had a singular experience connecting R&D with business requirements. He has a sense of realism and a deep technological and business knowledge that makes him uniquely qualified to write this highly innovative book. As a result, Business-driven Research and Development is a book that fills a big and important gap in the business literature. The book is full of very important lessons to be learned and recommendations to be followed.' - Professor Arnoldo Hax, Alfred P Sloan Professor of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

'A master in business and R&D management provides crucial insightes into the symbiotic relationship between business and Science & Technology.' - Professor C.N.R. Rao, FRS, President Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research and Albert Einstein Research Professor in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

'Some of the most challenging problems in basic science emerge from the problems of applied science and business-driven R&D is a discipline that university scientists must not just live with, but relish.' - Professor Sir Sam Edwards, FRS, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

'The dynamics of business driven R&D have been captured by the author with a rare authority and insight. The power of his message is such that it provides all the key signposts on the knowledge highway that will accelerate the journey from mind to marketplace, awaken the entrepreneur in an industrial research scientist and inspire the Chief Executive Officer to become a Chief Innovation Officer.' - Dr Ramesh Mashelkar, FRS, Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research & Secretary, Government of India

'R&D managers will undoubtedly find this book very useful, if only because of Dr Ganguly's enormous experience and international credibility in the field that are amply reflected in the concrete and practical proposals he presents. But, general managers of technology-oriented companies will also find his ideas on knowledge management, innovation networks and human capital extremely valuable. A first rate book on a very important topic.' - Professor Sumantra Ghoshal, London Business School

'Business-driven Research and Development is a seminal contribution by a practitioner who is a highly acclaimed businessman first and the former Unilever R&D Director second. It is easy to read. It is practical.' - Professor Ram Charan, Dallas, Texas

'A good contribution to the world of R & D. It will be of significant importance to both business strategists as well as those in R & D in industry.' - Free Press Journal, India

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