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Cyber Weaponry - Issues and Implications of Digital Arms
Henry Prunckun
UK Publication Date

There is little doubt that cyber-space has becomethebattle space for confrontations. However, to conduct cyber operations, a new armory of weapons needs to be employed. No matter how many, or how sophisticated an aggressor's kinetic weapons are, they are useless in cyber-space.

This book looks at the milieu of the cyber weapons industry, as well as the belligerents who use cyber weapons. It discusses what distinguishes these hardware devices and software programs from computer science in general. It does this by focusing on specific aspects of the topic-contextual issues of why cyber-space is the new battleground, defensive cyber weapons, offensive cyber weapons, dual-use weapons, and the implications these weapons systems have for practice.

Contrary to popular opinion, the use of cyber weapons is not limited to nation states; though this is where the bulk of news reporting focuses. The reality is that there isn't a sector of the political-economy that is immune to cyber skirmishes. So, this book looks at cyber weapons not only by national security agencies and the military, but also by law enforcement, and the business sector-the latter includes administrations termed non-government organisations (NGOs).

This book offers study material suitable for a wide-ranging audience-students, professionals, researchers, policy officers, and ICT specialists.

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Dr Henry (Hank) Prunckun, BS, MSocSc, MPhil, PhD, is a research criminologist at the Australian Graduate School of Policing, Charles Sturt University, Sydney. He is a methodologist who specializes in the study of transnational crime-espionage, terrorism, drugs and arms trafficking, as well as cyber-crime. He is the author of numerous reviews, articles, chapters and books. He is the winner of two literature awards and a professional service award from the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts. He has served in several strategic research and tactical intelligence capacities within the criminal justice system during his previous twenty-eight-year operational career, including almost five years as a senior counterterrorism policy analyst. In addition, he has held several operational postings in investigation, physical security, and cyber-security.

1st Edition 2018
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