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Dioxins and health - Arnold Schecter

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Dioxins and health
Arnold Schecter
Wiley Blackwell
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The premier resource on dioxins, now completely revised and updated

As science continues to appreciate the prevalence and power of dioxins, so it learns more about the harmful effects and effective preventive measures regarding these chemicals. Updating the acclaimed First Edition, Dioxins and Health, Second Edition covers the latest major scientific findings on the most potent, well known, and longlasting of the persistent organic pollutants (POPS).

The Second Edition reflects significant advances in dioxin research made in human epidemiology as well as in animal studies. Dioxins and structural analogues have been proven to cause immune alterations, nervous system effects, and cancer in humans, leading to its designation as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Endocrine alterations, caused by dioxins, have been shown to produce diabetes mellitus in adults and thyroid and sex hormone changes in newborns. The Second Edition reflects these new findings in a wideranging survey of these ubiquitous toxins. Chapters include:

  • Health Risk Assessment of Dioxinlike Compounds

  • Pharmacokinetics of Dioxins and Related Compounds

  • Experimental Toxicology: Carcinogensis

  • Reproductive and Developmental Epidemiology

  • Chemical, Environmental, and Health Aspects of the Seveso, Italy Accident

  • The Yusho Rice Oil Poisoning Incident

  • Agent Orange in Vietnam

Toxicologists, environmental, toxicologist epidemiologists, environmental chemists, regulators, and environmental attorneys will find Dioxins and Health, Second Edition to be an invaluable resource.

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ARNOLD SCHECTER, MD, MPH, is Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Dallas, Texas.

THOMAS A. GASIEWICZ, PhD, is the Chair of the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York.

"Drs Schecter and Gasiewicz have produced yet another definitive edition of this encyclopedic work on dioxins and like chemicals...a must both to be read and used as a reference." (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2005)

"It is an excellent book that will be of significant interest to many health professionals." (Journal of Environmental Quality, May–June 2004)

"It is an excellent book that will be of significant interest to many health professionals as well as many others who have an interest in the topic.
(Journal of Environmental Quality, May/June, 2004) excellent presentation of policy and presents a large of information that is useful to scientific and medical experts, policy makers, and the general public.
(Chemical Health & Safety, November/December 2003)

"It's an invaluable resource that toxicologists, epidemiologists, regulators, environmental chemists and scientists will find informative and practical in their continuing search for hazard and risk evaluation criteria.
(Veterinary and Human Toxicology, October 2003)

"The editors are to be commended for authoring this second edition of a definitive work on the health effects of dioxin (the first edition was in 1994). The contributors they selected have done and excellent job at presenting the data on the health effects of dioxins and related chemicals." (Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 106)

"Scientists, students, and government officials seeking to know more about...a class of chemicals with an astounding impact on environmental health policy should find
[it] a valuable reference." (Environmental Health Perspectives, September 2003)

2nd Edition
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