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Discriminatory bullying - Esoh Elam

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Discriminatory bullying - a new intercultural challenge
Esoh Elam
UK Publication Date

This book is devoted to the relation between bullying at school and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. In examining the interactions between bullying and discrimination, the authors set out from the premise that the current practice of intercultural education does not systematically address the issue of bullying, as evidenced by the lack, within schools, of intercultural education projects. The starting point for the work is a survey conducted in ten European countries on a sample of about 9,000 students including immigrants and natives. The research provides important information on which factors deserve special attention when formulating interventions in the classroom with the aim of preventing or combating discriminatory bullying. If intercultural education is called upon to handle the fight against any form of discrimination, it cannot shirk from addressing the issue of bullying discrimination. Theresults represent a sound, stimulating basis for broad and realistic reflections on discriminatory bullying and intercultural education, and show that intercultural pedagogy needs to be appropriately equipped theoretically.

This book will be an indispensable tool for those seeking a thorough understanding of the new challengesfacing intercultural education and the means of overcoming them. On that basis, innovative education practices should be developed with the aim of spreading a culture of non-violence and intercultural dialogue.

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"Discriminatory Bullying : A New Intercultural
Challenge is a well written book for the academicians, psychologists,
pediatricians. sociologist and economists etc. … The book takes through
identifying forms of bullying, multiple bullying issues and how to sensitize
the different groups who are involved with the education of the children. It is
well referenced, considers the mixed method approach of research." (T. S.
Seemanthini, Disabilities and Impairments, Vol. 29 (1), 2015)

"Elam's book provides an in-depth research report on a type of bullying that has been underrepresented in the psychological literature. It thus makes an important contribution to the field. Given the high level of detail and the narrow focus of the MABE study, we believe this book would be most useful for scholars already highly familiar with the bullying literature. … Elam's book would be a useful resource for scholars continuing to study this topic." (Judith L. Gibbons and Katelyn E. Poelker, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 59 (16), April, 2014)

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Bullying in schools - Prevention - Cross-cultural studies.|Multicultural education - Cross-cultural studies.|Discrimination in education - Cross-cultural studies.
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