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False choices - Liza Featherstone

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False choices - the faux feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton
Liza Featherstone
Paperback / softback
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Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most powerful women in world politics, and the irrational right-wing hatred of Clinton has fed her progressive appeal, helping turn her into a feminist icon. To get a woman in the White House, it's thought, would be an achievement for all women everywhere, a kind of trickle-down feminism.

In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, the mantle of feminist elect has descended on Hillary Clinton, as a thousand viral memes applaud her, and most mainstream feminist leaders, thinkers, and organizations endorse her. In this atmosphere, dissent seems tantamount to political betrayal.

In False Choices, an all-star lineup of feminists contests this simplistic reading of the candidate. A detailed look at Hillary Clinton's track record on welfare, Wall Street, criminal justice, education, and war reveals that she has advanced laws and policies that have done real harm to the lives of women and children across the country and the globe. This well-researched collection of essays restores to feminism its revolutionary meaning, and outlines how it could transform the United States and its relation to the world.

Includes essays from prominent feminist writers Liza Featherstone, Laura Flanders,Moe Tkacik,Medea Benjamin, Frances Fox Piven and Fred Block, Donna Murch, Kathleen Geier, Yasmin Nair, Megan Erickson, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Catherine Liu, Amber A'Lee Frost, Margaret Corvid, Beln Fernndez, Zillah Eisenstein, and others.

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Liza Featherstone writes often about feminism and economic justice. She is a contributing writer to the Nation and the magazine's first-ever advice columnist. Also a columnist for amNY, Featherstone has published in many national publications including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Ms., Glamour, Teen Vogue, and the Women's Review of Books. She is the author of Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers' Rights at Wal-Mart and is finishing a history of the focus group. She teaches journalism at both New York University and Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs.

"This book isn't just a feminist indictment of Hillary Clinton …It's an indictment of a left that has failed to reckon with capitalism's dark side."
-Amanda Erickson,Washington Post

"This collection of essays deconstructs Hillary's problematic history as a candidate who professes to be a feminist but whose policies have been pretty straight garbage for the nation's vulnerable since the start."
-Holly Wood, Medium

"A feminist critique of a feminist candidate…Devastating.?

"Intensely engrossing for Hillary Clinton's left-wing opponents-and for left-leaning readers still on the fence … The powerfully critical essays reject the 'ruling class feminism' of Clinton in favor of a 'left feminism rooted in an understanding of women's material conditions' … A damning portrait of both Clinton and American politics."
-Publishers Weekly

"A refreshing read with a defiant tone [that] pulls no punches when it comes to the Clinton record, from the time she entered the corporate and political world up until her work as Obama's secretary of state…This book will give you the confidence to say: not in our name … The authors who contributed to False Choices provide us plenty of good company in the battles ahead."
-Leia Petty, Socialist Worker

"False Choices is a good reminder of all of the ways, through a long political career, Clinton has valued power over justice … As False Choices makes clear, this election is not a progressive advancement, it is simply more of the same."
-Jessa Crispin, The Smart Set

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