The Gremlins Collection



Unfortunately it looks like someone took the last one.

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Warner Bros. Home Ent.
Blu-ray / Normal
Certificate UK

Double bill of American comedy horrors directed by Joe Dante. In 'Gremlins' (1984) an eccentric inventor brings an unusual Christmas gift home for his son Billy (Zach Galligan): the cute and friendly little Mogwai, Gizmo (voice of Howie Mandel), with strict advice never to expose it to bright light, get it wet or feed it after midnight. But one night when a glass of water is accidentally spilled over little Gizmo, Billy soon finds out why he was told to follow this advice as Gizmo begins to convulse, producing five new Mogwai. As Billy and his science teacher, Mr Hanson (Glynn Turman), seek to find out more about the creatures, the town is overrun by a new breed of Mogwai - the 'Gremlins' - menacing little reptilian creatures that are far from friendly. In the sequel 'Gremlins 2 - The New Batch' (1990) Gizmo is in danger of dissection by the fiendish Dr Catheter (Christopher Lee), who works at Clamp Enterprises for eccentric billionaire Daniel Clamp (John Glover). On his escape, he gets a dousing and before long the uncontrollable Gremlins, this time in mutated form, are back and wreaking havoc in the Manhattan offices of Clamp Enterprises.

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Director: Joe Dante
Producer: Michael Finnell
Executive Producer: Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Producer: Frank Marshall
Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Chris Columbus
Writer: Charlie Haas
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematographer: John Hora
Actor: Zach Galligan
Actor: Phoebe Cates
Actor: Hoyt Axton
Actor: Frances Lee McCain
Actor: Scott Brady
Actor: Corey Feldman
Actor: Polly Holliday
Actor: Jackie Joseph
Actor: John Glover
Actor: Christopher Lee
Actor: Judge Reinhold
Actor: Keye Luke
Actor: Glynn Turman
Actor: Howie Mandel
Actor: Dick Miller
Actor: Haviland Morris
Actor: Robert Picardo
Actor: Robert Prosky
Actor: Tony Randall
Actor: John Astin
Art/Production/Desgn: James H. Spencer
Art/Production/Desgn: Joseph P. Lucky
Special FX A/V: Rick Baker
Editor: Kent Beyda
Make Up: Michael Germain

Main Format
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The Gremlins Collection|Zach Galligan
Alternative Title
Gremlins/Gremlins 2 - The New Batch
Region A,B,C
Extras 2
Language(s):'Gremlins':English,CastilianSpanish,German,Italian,'Gremlins2':English,'Gremlins':LatinSpanish;'Gremlins2':CastilianSpanish,French,BrazilianPortuguese, HardofHearingSubtitles:English,German,Italian, Subtitles:'Gremlins':BrazilianPortuguese,CastilianSpanish,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French,LatinSpanish,Norwegian,Portuguese,Swedish;'Gremlins2':BrazilianPortuguese,CastilianSpanish,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French,LatinSpanish,Norwegian,Swedish, InteractiveMenu, Screenratio1:1.78, DolbyDigital5.1,5.1DTS-HDMasterAudio,DolbyDigital2.0,DolbyMono
Extras 3
BehindtheScenes, BonusFootage, Commentary:JoeDante(director),ZachGalligan(actor),PhoebeCates(actor),DickMiller(actor),HowieMandel(actor);JoeDante(director),MichaelFinnell(producer),ChrisWalas(specialeffectsartist), ImageGallery, MakingofDocumentary, StoryboardComparisons, Trailers
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