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Genghis Khan - Frank McLynn

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Genghis Khan - his conquests, his empire, his legacy
Frank McLynn
Da Capo Press
UK Publication Date

A definitive and sweeping account of the life and times of the world's greatest conqueror -- Genghis Khan -- and the rise of the Mongol empire in the 13th century

Combining fast-paced accounts of battles with rich cultural background and the latest scholarship, Frank McLynn brings vividly to life the strange world of the Mongols and Genghis Khan's rise from boyhood outcast to world conqueror. McLynn provides the most accurate and absorbing account yet of one of the most powerful men ever to have ever lived.

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Frank McLynn is a highly regarded historian and the author of more than twenty critically acclaimed biographies, including Marcus Aurelius and Richard & John A graduate of Wadham College, Oxford, and London University, where he obtained his doctorate, he lives and writes in England.

The Spectator (UK), 6/27/15
?[Khan's] was an extraordinary, epic story and Frank McLynn does it full justice in a vivid, page-turning biography."

Sunday Times (UK), 6/21/15
?A formidable study of the world's greatest conqueror. With this compelling history of a brilliant, complex leader and ruthless master of warfare, McLynn has done his man proud."

Sunday Times (UK), ?Must Reads," 6/28/15
?A formidable study of the ruthless Mongolian nomad who carved out an empire."

The Times (UK), 6/27/15
?McLynn has carefully synthesized the work of hundreds of scholars to create a sensitive and immensely detailed portrait of an extraordinary leader."

Shelf Awareness for Readers, 7/31/15
?A staggeringly ambitious biography of history's greatest conqueror?Genghis Khan is fascinating enough to appeal to any history fan."

Maclean's, 7/24/15
?McLynn's bio of the legendary, brutal conqueror reveals the Mongol's mantras."

My Big Honkin Blog, 7/29/15
?The hundred pages of endnotes clearly illustrates the efforts that McLynn put forth in penning Genghis Khan.", 8/3/15
?Brings us face to face with this complex man who shaped the course of history."

Praise for Genghis Khan

Booklist, July 2015
?This ambitious and massive effort offers some credible insights into the qualities of Genghis while providing an excellent chronicle of his military campaigns and conquests. Particularly interesting is McLynn's description of thirteenth-century Mongolia, with its incredibly complicated web of tribes, clans, and subclans?This is an informative and admirable effort that is ideal for general readers.”

Kirkus Reviews starred review, 5/15/15
?A sanguinary and thorough account of ?the greatest conqueror the world has ever known.' McLynn knows the terrain and the times so well that he writes about 12th- and 13th-century history and culture as if it were yesterday. Throughout this intricately detailed text, the author pauses continually to explain relevant devices, personalities, political situations, and geography?all of this gives readers a chance to truly understand?McLynn recognizes that the historical sources must be constantly questioned and analyzed, as victors tend to inflate their victories and losers, to minimize and blame?Thoroughly researched, grim, grisly, and sometimes even grudgingly admiring.”

Publishers Weekly, 5/18/15
?Sweepingly ambitious and persistently intriguing.”--

"McLynn succeeds in lifting the veil from Khan's early life, his rise to power, and his rule. Furthermore, the author adds depth to the narrative by discussing not only his subject's military strategies and campaigns but also by delving into the structure of Mongol society, the role of women, and the reorientation of the Mongols from factional tribalism to absolute devotion to the Khan...A richly complete account."
-Library Journal

"[An] account of how the founder and leader of the Mongol empire was a skilled strategist with a cowardly streak...The bloody story of how an illiterate peasant came to rule the "largest contiguous land empire" the world has known."
-Sacramento Bee

"In author Frank McLynn's estimation, there is more to be gleamed from the Mongol emperor's life, and much more to be added to his incomplete record. Genghis Khan is McLynn's successful proof of concept, built on newly-translated sources to expand our understanding of the man responsible for forging one of the world's greatest empires."-Biographile

First Da Capo Press edition
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Mongols - Kings and rulers - Biography.
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xxxvi, 646 , 16 unnumbered of plates

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