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Gilles Deleuze's time machine - David Norman Rodowick

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Gilles Deleuze's time machine
David Norman Rodowick
Paperback / softback
Duke University Press
UK Publication Date

Although Gilles Deleuze is one of France's most celebrated twentieth-century philosophers, his theories of cinema have largely been ignored by American scholars. Film theorist D. N. Rodowick fills this gap by presenting the first comprehensive study, in any language, of Deleuze's work on film and images. Placing Deleuze's two books on cinema-The Movement-Image and The Time-Image-in the context of French cultural theory of the 1960s and 1970s, Rodowick examines the logic of Deleuze's theories and the relationship of these theories to his influential philosophy of difference.
Rodowick illuminates the connections between Deleuze's writings on visual and scientific texts and describes the formal logic of his theory of images and signs. Revealing how Deleuzian views on film speak to the broader network of philosophical problems addressed in Deleuze's other books-including his influential work with Flix Guattari-Rodowick shows not only how Deleuze modifies the dominant traditions of film theory, but also how the study of cinema is central to the project of modern philosophy.

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D. N. Rodowick is Professor of English and Visual/Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester.

"Anglo-American critics have not yet begun to plumb the riches of Deleuze's investigation into cinema, and David Rodowick, well versed in philosophy and cinema studies, is the perfect person to bring these important works into focus for the American critical establishment. This book will become a standard work for anyone who wants to learn about Deleuze on cinema and about Deleuze more generally."-Dana Polan, University of Pittsburgh

"Deleuze is now coming to be seen in the anglophone world for what the French have long known him to be-someone who is perhaps the most productive and important philosophical thinker of this century. And Rodowick has a flair for making genuinely illuminating connections between Deleuze's cinema books and his other works."- Kenneth Surin, Duke University

"Gilles Deleuze's Time Machine is a significant contribution to those who wish to study Deleuze's cinema volumes. As an informative and creative engagement of Deleuze's work, it provides a fertile ground that is capable of generating more work with these texts."

SubStance - Darlene Pursley

"D. N. Rodowick . . . has aimed for a tightly organized and intensively explicated study of Deleuze's cinema theory. He has managed admirably to balance a fidelity to Deleuze's ideas with a clarity of presentation that is at times astonishing, given the notable untidiness of Deleuze's argumentation in the Cinema volumes. . . . Rodowick has done Deleuze's readers a genuine service in sharpening the image of thought which Deleuze sought to draw from the cinema and thus intensifying its potential impact on future discussions of the medium."

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Keyword Index
Motion pictures - Philosophy.
Country of Publication
North Carolina
Number of Pages
xviii, 258

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