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Girl's guide to survival - Sarah Johannsen

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Girl's guide to survival - the savvy girl's guide to mastering household management
Sarah Johannsen
New Holland Publishers
UK Publication Date

What will happen when you leave home for the firsttime - do you know the basics on how to survive?

Girl's Guide to Basic Survival is every girl'sessential reference guide of all those things yourmother never taught you - or that you chose not tolisten to.

It's a practical hands-on, down-to-earth guidefocusing on those every day household problemsand challenges that you are likely to encounterin real life, and it is full of tips and advice to helpyou keep your house (and you) from falling downaround you.

Step-by step instructions are enhanced, wherevernecessary, by illustrations, so you can see exactlyhow to do it.

Girl's Guide to Basic Survival is your guide todaily living, offering a thorough grounding in thepractical skills that everyone should know in orderto survive.

You will be armed with the confidence andenthusiasm to get stuck in and have a go as youcook, clean, and fix your way towards surviving.

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Sarah Johannsen was that 'unusal' kid whoread old household hints and tips books,played with buttons and got excited aboutbeing allowed to use the iron.

Sarah is a self-educated domestic historian,specializing in all matters of householdmanagement and sometimes extendsher scope to fashion, beauty and otherfeminine concerns of the past. And she canbarely contain her enthusiasm for sewing;from techniques to fitting to the thrillingsatisfaction of 'I made it'!

As a lover of old household books, its littlewonder she came to pen one in which sheshares the hard-won wisdoms of a semichaoticand somewhat nomadic life.

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