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Haunted Skies Volume 8 - John Fsg Hanson

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Haunted Skies Volume 8
John Fsg Hanson
Paperback / softback
Haunted Skies Publishing
UK Publication Date

Haunted Skies, Volume 8 (1980) Haunted Skies, Volume 8 (1980) is the beginning of a new era for the ground-breaking unique series, compiled by former West Midlands Police Officer John Hanson and partner Dawn Holloway, who now publish their own books under the Haunted Skies publishing banner. This volume of Haunted Skies covers the period of 1980 and is in colour. The first part, January to November 1980, includes an investigation into the mysterious death of Zygmund Adamski - a coal miner, who was found deceased at Todmorden railway yard, Police Constable Alan Godfrey's UFO sighting, Cumbrian man Mario Luisi's close encounter with a landed UFO and its occupants, and much more. The second part contains an appraisal of the UFO events which took place in Rendlesham Forest, at the end of December 1980, and includes various interviews held with both British, civilian and USAF Airmen, as to what took place. In respect of this matter the authors consulted, on many occasions, with Dot Street, Brenda Butler, and Colonel Charles Halt. In addition to this, the authors present various examples of what may well be perceived as paranormal phenomena, which is still taking place in the forest to this present day. Whether there is a connection, they cannot say. The authors point out that the majority of the information contained within their books is unlikely to be found in declassified UFO files, catalogued in the Public Records Office. They maintain the sightings obtained from personal interviews with many of the UFO witnesses [forming part of the British social history] offer a unique opportunity to evaluate the extent of what really took place, rather than relying on the hitherto annual release of low grade UFO reports, many of which were to became the target of considerable humour by the media. Despite ridicule and scepticism constantly being aimed at the subject matter, by those who claim there is very little evidence of this phenomena, evidence to the contrary is offered.

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