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Healthy churches, faithful pastors - David Keck

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Healthy churches, faithful pastors - covenant expectations for thriving together
David Keck
Paperback / softback
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Congregations want to support their pastors, but don't know how. Pastors love their congregations, but they don't know what to ask of their congregations to garner needed support. Everyone wants to thrive together, but so often we get stuck. This clear and engaging guide helps pastors and congregations bridge communication gaps and set mutual goals and expectations. Reverend Keck grounds his framework of expectations on both scholarly research and on interviews he's conducted with pastors and lay people.
He finds many common difficulties in churches arise from failing to discuss priorities and expectations, and from not effectively working through the problems that arise when expectations aren't met. For pastors and congregants to arrive at common expectations, they need to understand each other-their respective needs, hopes, and distinctive callings.This book provides concrete steps to aid congregants and pastors communicate their mutual expectations.
Keck presents fifty "expectation statements"-examples of what pastors and congregations can expect of one another; a vital resource to anyone who seeks to initiate a discussion of expectations in their own church.
Elucidating goals and expectations allows congregations and pastors to support one another and flourish, and fosters church health and harmony.

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Rev. David A. Keck, PhD, is the pastor of College Presbyterian Church and College Chaplain at Hampden-Sydney College. Dr. Keck earned his master's degree and doctorate from Harvard University and his master's of divinity from Duke Divinity School. Over the years, he has served on two Committees of Ministry in two separate presbyteries. He is the author of Forgetting Whose We Are: Alzheimer's Disease and the Love of God. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

All too often, laypeople like me don't fully understand what a pastor does. We want to help, but we don't know how. This book helps laypeople to support their pastors - and it helps pastors to recognize what they might need to be doing differently. I recommend reading this book with your pastor. Churches can indeed have healthy relationships with their pastors by having thoughtful conversations about what they expect from each other. This book helps to frame these important discussions.
John Augustine, Duke University Divinity School Board of Advisors

No matter the health or size of your congregation, Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors provides a rich guide that will motivate pastors and congregations to clear up misunderstandings and evaluate expectations, while fostering a more faithful covenantal relationship. David Keck allows pastors and congregations to examine the principles of healthy congregations, hear fictional voices that will hit close to home, and answer engaging questions that will elicit great discussion. If you are thirsty for renewed hope, vision, and life in your congregation, Keck provides a deep well that can be drawn from again and again.
Donovan Drake, Pastor and Head of Staff, Pastor and Head of Staff, Westminster Presbyterian Church

Thank God for Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors! When so many books on ministry offer quick fixes, David Keck gives us what we need: a guide for pastors and congregations to have a conversation that matters about what it takes to thrive together in the service of God. I look forward to using this book with seminary students and recommending it to pastors and lay leaders.
L. Roger Owens, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

David Keck's Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors is a refreshing addition to the conversation about expectations. . . . The book emerged from a research project funded by the Louisville Institute, which yielded ten organizing principles for a 'vibrant church community.' Drawing on his research, Keck also created three composite lay leaders and three composite clergy who act as guides throughout the book. Most of the book is organized by chapters, each addressing an aspect of ministry or congregational life.
The Christian Century

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