Human insecurity - David Roberts



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Human insecurity - global structures of violence
David Roberts
Paperback / softback
Zed Books
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Human Insecurity is concerned with our refusal to confront the millions of avoidable deaths of women and children each year. Those missing millions are rarely the subject of conventional security studies, yet such avoidable deaths are a vital part of the notion of 'security' more broadly understood. The book argues that such deaths are caused by the man-made structures of neoliberalism and 'andrarchy' and argues that the debate on human security can be reinvigorated by looking at the unarmed, civilian role in causing the deaths of millions of innocent people; from child deaths from preventable disease to honour killings.David Roberts claims that by facing up to this relationship between social structures and massive avoidable human suffering we can create another system less prone to global violence. This book is a powerful intervention in the debate on human security and an urgent call to face up to our responsibilities to the millions killed needlessly each year.

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David Roberts is Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Ulster. He is the Convenor and Chair of the British International Studies Association Human Security Working Group, external examiner with the Royal University of Phnom Penh and the University of Coventry, and Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Governance and International Affairs, University of Bristol. He has published a previous monograph on Human Insecurity (Zed 2008) and another on postconflict democratization in Cambodia, and will publish in 2010 a monograph critiquing Liberal peacebuilding in developing societies that proposes an alternative 'everyday lives' approach to the postconflict challenge which invigorates positive peace through structural and institutional reforms to the Liberal Project. He has published more than 30 other chapters and articles in peer reviewed outlets on human security and peacebuilding.

'David Roberts makes a powerful plea for rethinking the notion of security. In the process, he not only lays siege to the intellectual structure of 'realism' but makes the
compelling empirical case that until and when the world deals with the increasingly large gap between the few haves and the many have nots, it will remain a deeply disturbed place.
A book
that will hopefully provoke others
- possibly even policy-makers - to reassess their views on the key questions facing the international system in the early part of the 21st century.'Michael Cox, London School of Economics and Political Science'Roberts' work offers a careful and comprehensive re-reading of the contemporary security literature and offers us tragic, shocking, and ultimately avoidable, examples of the threats, fear and violence which affect humanity on a daily basis. As Roberts states more attention needs to be paid to 'why' such acts of violence occur on such a vast scale. This book makes an invaluable contribution to helping us answer that question.'Pauline Eadie, University of Nottingham'Roberts has brought organized scholarship to a field of study in global politics, which deserves much attention. The principle contribution of this book comes from the detailed and wonderful explanation of the underlying causes of human security both in the developing as well as underdeveloped nations''This project entails a ray of hope for change, reconstruction, and above all, for peace.'Journal of Global Change and Governance

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