The Master of Gore - The Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection

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Four films from cult horror director Herschell Gordon Lewis. In 'Color Me Blood Red' (1965), artist Adam Sorg (Don Joseph) is angered when the critics fail to react to his latest set of paintings and vows that next time he will make them sit up and take notice. Searching for a new direction, he finds inspiration when he sees the deep red of his girlfriend's blood. Taking this as his new medium, he embarks upon a brave new series of works, but when his girlfriend's blood runs out, he is forced to look further afield for donors. In '2000 Maniacs' (1964), the small southern town of Pleasant Valley invites six reluctant Yankee tourists to be its guests for the Civil War 100th anniversary celebrations. What the northern participants do not realize is that every celebratory game they take part in has been designed with the intention of bringing their lives to a grisly end. In 'The Wizard of Gore' (1970), Montag the Magnificent (Ray Sager) is a travelling magician whose stomach-churning illusionism act culminates in the public killing and disembowelling of young women, in front of a seemingly bloodthirsty audience, before magically returning them to their seats unharmed. However, when the women in question start to turn up dead, apparently victims of some random violent crime, questions start to be asked of Montag, who must try ever harder to maintain the illusion. Finally, in 'The Gruesome Twosome' (1968), Mrs Pringle (Elizabeth Davis) owns a wig shop on a college campus and is delighted to help all the pretty young female students with their various hairpiece needs. However, her work has proved so popular that the demand for her amazingly realistic wigs continues to grow and grow. Lucky then, that her son Rodney (Chris Martell) is on hand with his trusty electric carving knife, ready to scalp a few innocent victims and replenish the stock. Advertising a room to let, Mrs Pringle and Rodney are soon restocking their shop with the scalps of those unfortunate enough to enquire about the rent...

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Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Producer: David F. Friedman
Producer: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Writer: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Writer: Allison Louise Downe
Writer: Alan Kahn
Music: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Music: Larry Wellington
Actor: Don Joseph
Actor: Candi Conder
Actor: Elyn Warner
Actor: Scott H. Hall
Actor: Jerome Eden
Actor: Patricia Lee
Actor: James Jackel
Actor: Iris Marshall
Actor: William Harris
Actor: Cathy Collins
Actor: Connie Mason
Actor: Thomas Wood
Actor: Jeffrey Allen
Actor: Shelby Livingston
Actor: Gary Bakeman
Actor: Mark Douglas
Actor: Michael Korb
Actor: Ben Moore
Actor: Vincent Santo
Actor: Elizabeth Davis
Actor: Gretchen Welles
Actor: Chris Martell
Actor: Rodney Bedell
Actor: Ronnie Cass
Actor: Dianne Wilhite
Actor: Karl Stoeber
Actor: Andrea Barr
Actor: Dianne Raymond
Actor: Frank Slander
Actor: Irene Stoeber
Actor: Sherry Robinson
Actor: Ray Sager
Actor: Judy Cler
Actor: Wayne Ratay
Actor: Phil Laurenson
Actor: Jim Rau
Actor: Don Alexander
Actor: Karin Alexana
Actor: Jack Gilbreth
Actor: Monica Blackwell
Actor: Sally Brody

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The Master of Gore - The Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection|Don Joseph
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Color Me Blood Red/2000 Maniacs/Wizard of Gore/Gruesome Twosome
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