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Kerrigan in Copenhagen - Thomas E Kennedy

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Kerrigan in Copenhagen
Thomas E Kennedy
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Kerrigan is writing a guidebook to the city of Copenhagen. Specifically, a guide to the city's drinking establishments - of which there are over 1,500. Thus, it is a project potentially without end, and one with a certain amount of drunken numbness built into it. And that's the point: for Kerrigan, an American expat fleeing a terrible betrayal, has plenty he wants to forget. The only problem with his proposed project is his research associate, a voluptuous, green-eyed beauty who makes him tremble with forgotten desire.Kerrigan in Copenhagen is both a love story and a Joycean romp through a magical city.

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Thomas E. Kennedy's many books include novels, story and essay collections, literary criticism, translations and anthologies. He teaches in the MFA programme at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Beneath the Neon Egg is the final book in his Copenhagen Quartet, following In the Company of Angels, Falling Sideways and Kerrigan in Copenhagen. The multiple awards he has received for his writing include an O. Henry Award, two Pushcart Prizes, an American National Magazine Award and many translation grants from the Danish Arts Council. Born and raised in New York, he lives in Copenhagen with his two children.

The essay, the guidebook, the love story, the comforting exchange of facts in a bewildering world of emotion - all are to be found in Thomas E. Kennedy's Kerrigan in Copenhagen ... A spiralling exploration of alcohol, history, literature, art and jazz - and Kerrigan's wounded psyche ... Undeniably smart, not least because it records the formation of a not-so-smart book. Coarse language plays off lyrical images and often stunning prose that twirls with the improvisations of the jazz musicians Kerrigan admires. It's a swirl of dichotomies ... The quest for precision - perhaps an end to improvisation - drives the novel's literally breathless second half ... Take the rough words of an educated man for what they're worth: perhaps one more miracle tipping the scales that weigh the eternal question of love
New York Times

The reading experience feels rather like being on a magnificently extended pub crawl with a very interesting and intelligent man. I could read this again and again and it's full of both literary allusions and boozer's jokes: "I'm not going to drunk anymore... I'm not going to drink any less either"
Bookseller, Picks of the Month

Strong emotional core
Glasgow Herald

A pensive excursion into love, literature and Copenhagen
Daily Mail

The Copenhagen Quartet is clever, very witty, and oddly unsettling
The Times

You find yourself immersed in Kennedy's style
Mail on Sunday

A perfect read for anyone travelling to Copenhagen, looking for a hypnotic, literary guide to a beautiful city
Irish Examiner

Lyrical, erudite, lustful and traumatised . In the course of this elegantly rambling, witty, discursive, often brilliant and shamelessly boozy novel, Copenhagen, as distilled in the great chaotic brewery of Kenney/Kerrigan's mind, with offer other, more interesting propositions . For the uninitiated, Kennedy's project offers a more nuanced version of the Danish capital than any TV drama
Liz Jensen, Guardian

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