Love and the Jones Sisters - Belinda Martin



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Love and the Jones Sisters - The Complete Five Part Collection
Belinda Martin
Paperback / softback
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
UK Publication Date

AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME, THE COMPLETE FIVE PART COLLECTION From the sunkissed shores of Santorini to the breezy beaches of Brittany, follow Martha and Hannah Jones as the death of their mother sends them both on personal journeys of self-discovery. Along the way they will find and lose love, take leaps of faith and second chances, and they will discover that the most important thing to keep hold of through it all is each other. PART ONE: LOVE UNDER THE LEMON TREES Hannah Jones has been running on the spot her whole life. Tied to her controlling and abusive mother by a web of lies and deceit, Hannah has spent the last forty-two years living in fear. When her mother dies, Hannah is given the chance to build herself a new life. But first, she must find out who she truly is. Encouraged by her sister and a passion for art, Hannah joins a local painting class. There she meets Dan - good humoured, kind and gentle and smitten by her. But Hannah can't see it. When the art class goes on their annual painting trip to the beautiful Greek isle of Santorini, Hannah plucks up the courage to go too. There she meets Christos - tall, broodingly handsome with an infectious lust for life. Christos is everything Hannah is not, and yet they embark on an unlikely romance. Is Christos the man to finally open up the world to Hannah and give her the courage to build a new life? Can there be a future with a man she has known for less than a week, whose home is thousands of miles away from hers? And what will it mean for Hannah and Dan? PART TWO: ADORE ME UNDER THE OAKS Hannah returns from Greece a changed woman and the changes are set to continue in more ways than she can begin to imagine. Meanwhile, her sister's plans for marriage are in full swing, but Hannah can't help feeling uneasy about the wedding. It doesn't matter how many times she tells herself she is being silly, there is something about the seemingly perfect Russell she doesn't trust. Hannah's worries are forgotten when Dan asks her out again and this time she accepts. Could it finally be love for Hannah? Martha is convinced their years of suffering are at an end. But there is a shadow looming, and stormy times ahead for both women that could tear their fragile world apart. They are happy now, but for how much longer? PART THREE: WEEP FOR ME UNDER THE WILLOWS Martha knows Russell has his secrets, but she cannot begin to imagine how deep they run. When the couple take off for an idyllic honeymoon in the glorious countryside of Brittany, the uncertainties about her new husband she had tried to ignore surface with a vengeance. Back at home she tries to get on with building the new life she and her sister, Hannah, had always dreamed of, free from abuse and fear. But Martha is to learn that abuse comes in many forms. Meanwhile, Dan and Hannah get closer. But Hannah has her secrets too, and both sisters might just find that their worlds are blown apart again by one rash act. PART FOUR: MARRY ME UNDER THE MAPLES Hannah's new life continues to take her into uncharted waters and a new discovery tears her and Dan apart. Despite this she is determined not to admit defeat, but secrets and lies seem to face her at every turn. Can Hannah save her relationship with Dan or is she destined to lose everything? Russell and Martha's marriage has also hit rocky ground and he seems hell bent on controlling both the Jones sisters. As a result of Russell's manipulation a shock visitor rocks Martha's world. In a life with enough secrets already, the last thing Martha wants to do is keep more of them, but it seems for now she will have to. Hannah and Martha know that they are going to have to share their secrets, but they both know that the moment they do is when everything changes. PART FIVE: BURY ME UNDER THE ASH Revelations spill out everywhere; ties are severed and lives are crumbling. Can Hannah and Martha's relationship survive or will they lose everything... even each other?

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