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Mddus - Yinka Bamgbelu

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Mddus - Henderson: Letters: The Brain Isn't Skin Colour.
Yinka Bamgbelu
Paperback / softback
Independently Published
UK Publication Date

"To disagree with three - fourths of the British public on all points is one of the first elements of sanity, one of the deepest consolations in all moments of spiritual doubt." Wilde. "A complaints such as Mrs Bishop's could trigger an enquiry." Stephen Henderson, LLM, Head at MDDUS. "Envy is weak." Yul Brynner. OYINBO ODE.I don't want to talk grammar. I want to talk like a lady." George Bernard Shaw. If one bred some white pigs with great snouts solely for pig's snout curry, the stupidest of the ugly white pigs with humongous snouts deserves to be butchered and eaten first."I am very fond of my pigs, but it doesn't stop me from eating them." Archbishop Runcie, Canterbury. Stephen Henderson's skin colour is indisputably superior; he neither made nor chose it. What else? An impostor. An expert of deception. PERCEPTION IS GRANDER THAN REALITY. Based on available evidence, NIGERIA, Shell docile cash cow, is by far more relevant to the economic survival of Stephen Henderson's white children than Bedford High Street before Covid-19. Then, the white ancestors of his white father and mother were fed like battery hens with the yields of stolen children of defenceless poor people (Kamala's ancestors) - Habakkuk. Affluence didn't evolve; then, it was actively and deliberately stolen. Wollaston, England: Based on available evidence, GDC-WITNESS, Ms Rachael Bishop, Senior NHS Nurse, unrelentingly lied under oath. David Cameron implied that white Judges seem to measure whites with a different yardstick - Apartheid by stealth. Demons will not cast out demons - Matthew 12:27. Apart from creating cushy salaried jobs for functional semi-illiterate Solicitors and Barristers who failed in Law Practice (quasi communism), what do imbeciles need expensive administration of the law for? "It is incumbent upon the court and all those professionals involved to conclude court proceedings as quickly as possible. This hopefully ensures that a child has stability, love and affection and the parents working together to ensure that he has the best opportunity of developing academically and emotional." District Judge Paul Ayers Senior Vice President of the Association of Her Majesty's District Judges - Approved Judgement. Antichrist RACIST Freemasons teach members secret voodoo handshakes, not grammar, the former is considerably easier to master. An ultra-righteous descendant of THIEVES; owners of stolen children. Had his white father and mother cared, he'd not have approved excessive stupidity at 16, and he'd be a properly educated lawyer, Privately and Oxbridge educated Anthony Blair, Anthony Julius, Cassandra Scarborough, Geoff Hoon, and Rabinder Singh's class, and he might practice proper Law in Strand. Babies with huge oil wells and gas fields near their houses eat only 1.5/day in NIGERIA; a closeted racist, functional semi-illiterate former debt collector Solicitor in Norwich whose white father and mother have seen crude oil is our District Judge in BEDFORD. The highly luxuriant soil of BEDFORD yields only food. Ignorant racist leeches; ultra-righteous descendants of THIEVES and owners of stolen children. "Someone must be trusted. Let it be the Judges. Lord Denning. Judges are human beings. Some human beings are RACISTS." All sections of the UK Society are institutionally RACIST." Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. The Judiciary is part of the UK Society. English law is equal, its administration is not. The American Actress, Megan Markle: "She was the subject of explicit and obnoxious RACIAL HATRED." John Bercow, a former speaker. The Judiciary is not the family business of members of Antichrist Racist Freemasonry Quasi-Religion (Mediocre Mafia). They want brainless and baseless superiority, but they don't want Freedom of Expression: They want to eat their cake and have it. The brain isn't inside their indisputably superior skin colour. "The truth allows no choice." Dr Samuel Johnson. "Those who know the least obey the best." George Farquhar.

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