Meet the...ancient Greeks - James Davies



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Meet the...ancient Greeks
James Davies
Big Picture Press
UK Publication Date

There's so much to digest when it comes to History - how do you know where to begin? These incredible short introductions are just the thing for readers who are beginning to explore ancient history. Get to know the basics on Ancient Greece from religious ceremonies to day to day life, with easy-to-digest, humorous text that is reminiscent of the bestselling Horrible Histories series. James Davies' stunning artwork and infographics provide a fresh nonfiction approach that is sure to captivate young readers.

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James Davies is an illustrator and author from Wales, now living in Bristol. He has recently returned to illustration with a uniquely bold, graphic style, influenced by old cartoons and retro picture books and is the author and illustrator of the best-selling Meet the... series. His first picture book, Long Dog, is due out in July 2018. James's favourite food group is carbs and his worst enemy is a bald Chihuahua.

This is another excellently presented book, in an attractive square format hardback with top quality shiny paper which sets the illustrations off really well. It's a perfect short introduction which is ideal for readers who are beginning to explore ancient history - and Ancient Greeks will be studied at school. Readers will get to know the basics on Ancient Greece from religious ceremonies to day to day life, with easy-to-digest, humorous text accompanied by detailed and engrossing illustrations that pack in plenty of humorous detail to bring these ancient people to life for today's children. A good way to encourage reluctant readers too. These books are an excellent mix of history and humour - they are presented in a way that will appeal to the majority of children and encourage them to enjoy learning, and want to know more.
Parents in Touch

Take an exciting trip back in time to learn about the glorious Ancient Greeks and the fearsome pirates who once roamed the seas with two fabulously illustrated, fun and informative books from talented Welsh author and illustrator James Davies. Meet the Pirates and Meet the Ancient Greeks are the two new books in a cleverly conceived series that began with entertaining studies of the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Rome. Designed as short, eye-catching introductions to history for younger readers, these busy but fun-filled and easy-to-read explorations of history make learning facts seem like an extension of playtime. When it comes to history, there is so much to digest that it is difficult to know where to begin but Davies fills the pages with facts and figures that will amaze and interest the youngest children. There are hours of discovery in the pages... get to know the basics on Ancient Greece from religious ceremonies to day to day life, and discover the fascinating facts on pirates from famous looters to scurvy and hygiene through fabulous illustrations and a light-hearted text that is reminiscent of the bestselling Horrible Histories series. Learn about the different types of pirates, the roles and features of a crew on a pirate ship, meet some of the most feared pirates that sailed the oceans, and discover the nightmare concept of Davy Jones' Locker, the deep sea graveyard of dead pirates. And Ancient Greeks examines the lives the Hellenes (people known in modern times as the Greeks). From the fantastical myths of the heroes and monsters, and the notorious Greek gods, this journey into the ancient past explores all the well-loved aspects of ancient Greek history as well as revealing how the people ate, exercised and fought. Davies' stunning artwork and playful infographics in a limited palette provide a fresh, non-fiction approach that is sure to captivate young readers. Combined with a vibrant, snappy text, these brilliant books blow away the cobwebs from centuries of history!
Northern Regional Newspapers

'Meet the ... Ancient Greeks' offers a wonderfully quirky, original look at the Hellenes, as they called themselves before the Romans came along. Following the two earlier titles -'Meet the Ancient Egyptians' and 'Meet the Ancient Romans'- this book is great fun as well as being highly informative.Packed with information, each spread looks at a different aspect of life for the ancient Greeks. The orange and black colour scheme echoes the black- and red-figure techniques of the Athenian vases, making the book extremely appealing. Although each page is 'busy', the edge of each page bears a 'typical' Greek pattern and the page title and number are clearly visible, making the book easy to navigate. Humour in both text and illustrations make this an enjoyable read, but the content is not over simplified and offers plenty of fascinating facts. There is even a spread on Greece today which ends with the suggestion that the reader heads to a local museum to find some treasures ' and imagine the life of the clever person who might have made it.'A brilliant addition to the library, 'Meet the ...Ancient Greeks' is a must for anyone learning about this fascinating civilisation and its people.
North Somerset Teachers Book Award

This 62 page book is packed full of everything you could want to know about the Ancient Greeks, from their temples to their Gods and the food they ate. With bright, vibrant artwork and a dose of humour, it's perfect for bringing the past to life.

Keen to get your children interested inhistory? This friendly, vivid introduction tothe world of the Ancient Greeks - part of aseries from this author and illustrator that alsoexplores pirates, Egyptians and Romans - is agreat place to start. Presented in an irreverent,bite-size format, but packing a surprisingamount of detail into its page-count, it coverseverything from a typical Greek home to howhedgehogs helped out with the laundry.
History Revealed

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