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Pokemon Gold Version and Pokemon Silver Version are making their way to Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS family systems (available as a boxed code)! These games, which debuted as Game Boy Color titles in Japan, are being recreated into Virtual Console versions such that their screens appear just as they did on the Game Boy Color.

Both titles will be compatible with the wireless communication features of Nintendo 3DS and Trainers can look forward to Link Trades and Link Battles between Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Gold Version and Pokemon Silver Version.

In addition, these titles will be compatible with the Time Capsule function, which allows players to Link Trade Pokemon between the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Gold Version or Pokemon Silver Version and the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red Version, Pokemon Blue Version, or Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition in Pokemon Centres within the games. Both titles will also be compatible with Pokemon Bank.

Welcome to the exciting new adventures of Pokemon Gold and Silver! These two games sport a colourful look and supply a slew of new Pokemon in addition to the 150 from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. Starting out as a rookie Trainer, you'll explore the sprawling island of Johto, and embark on a quest to capture as many Pokemon as you possibly can. Some familiar faces pop up in the tall grass and dozens of new Pokemon make their debuts. Try your hand at new attacks and witness surprising evolutions, while filling your Pokedex with the latest discoveries.

Along with the advances in Pokemon studies come technological innovations. Scientists have been hard at work concocting new inventions and improving old ones to help you collect and maintain your Pokemon. The games feature a real-time clock that tracks your progress - many events will only occur on certain days or in the morning or night - and you can now keep in contact with your mum and other Trainers via a combined radio tuner and mobile phone.

Use the Game Boy Color infrared port to swap Mystery Gifts with friends, or print Pokedex selections with a Game Boy Printer (not included). Your goal is to become the worlds greatest Pokemon Trainer. Are you up for the challenge? Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver are Transfer Pak compatible with Pokemon Stadium 2 (They are not compatible with Pokemon Stadium 1).

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