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Nourishing Routes - Marissa Pendlebury

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Nourishing Routes - Your Compassionate Journey to Love Food, Adore Your Body, Become Yourself
Marissa Pendlebury
Paperback / softback
Clink Street Publishing
UK Publication Date

Marissa Pendlebury is on a passionately driven mission to empower and inspire us to grow her growing tribe of Compassioneers: individuals who are able to love themselves from the inside out while living compassionately and developing life-long positive relationships with food, mind and body.

As a teenager, Marissa battled anorexia and depression. She felt overwhelmed by having to please others, exhausted by striving to meet society's expectations. Her own courageous recovery, accompanied by years of research into psychology and nutrition, made her realise that achieving health and happiness is not about losing weight, following fad diets and rigid fitness regimes, or obsessing about calories, superfoods and clean-eating plans.

The key is learning to love yourself first and allowing the rest to follow.

Nourishing Routes is the culmination of Marissa's journey of self-discovery; a unique food, philosophy and lifestyle guide designed to support optimal wellbeing and personal growth. Marissa reveals, step by step, how she discovered the art of self-love, and taught herself to love food, adore her body and become her authentic self. Let Nourishing Routes put your amazing life back on the menu so that you can nourish, flourish and thrive by loving yourself from the inside out.

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