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Parties and elections in America - Louis Sandy Maisel

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Parties and elections in America - the electoral process
Louis Sandy Maisel
Paperback / softback
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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This book provides a comprehensive treatment of political parties and elections in the United States. It covers all elements of parties and the electoral process, including local, state, and national party organizations, American party history and party systems, state and local nominations, state and local elections, presidential nominations, and presidential elections. Separate chapters are devoted to the important subjects of the media in the electoral process and campaign finance. A historical perspective is present throughout. The role of political parties in and the contributions of political parties to representative democracy are examined critically. Stay on top of Prof. Maisel's latest musings and predictions via his regular column in the Maine Morning Sentinel. Come back to this site for links to each column as they're made available on the website of the Morning Sentinel: 2/1/08 Sandy Maisel column: Everyone Wants Change 2/15/08 Sandy Maisel column: Long Primary Season 5/30/08 NPR story featuring analysis by Sandy Maisel: Battles over Party Nominees Are Old Hat, Bad News 6/6/08 Sandy Maisel column: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton 6/20/08 Sandy Maisel column: Candidates' Views on Guantanamo 6/24/08 article featuring analysis by Sandy Maisel: Splitting electoral college votes nationwide could have big impact 8/1/08 Sandy Maisel column:What's the Point of a Presidential Campaign? 9/19/08 Joseph Reiser column: Brits Confused By Our Populist System 9/26/08 Sandy Maisel column: The Debate Moderators' Challenge 10/10/08 Sandy Maisel column: New President Will Likely Work with Democratic Congress 10/31/08 Joseph Reiser column: Election Notable for Embracing New Ideas 11/4/08 article featuring analysis by Sandy Maisel: Is today's election a momentous one? 11/5/08 article featuring analysis by Sandy Maisel: History replete with turning-point elections 11/7/08 Sandy Maisel column: Obama's personal prestige should help him with D.C. power brokers 11/21/08 Sandy Maisel column: With latest picks, Obama chooses staff with clear qualifications 12/5/08 Sandy Maisel column: Bush using last weeks in office to further his agenda, help friends 12/19/08 Sandy Maisel column: When campaign workers convene, common themes become clear 1/2/09 Sandy Maisel column: Obama merges Nixon efficiency, FDR, JFK intellectual confidence 1/16/09 Sandy Maisel column: Bush still doesn't understand why people turned 'hostile' to him 2/13/09 Sandy Maisel column: Is bipartisanship needed for action on stimulus package? 2/27/09 Sandy Maisel column: Obama's speech to nation inspired without sugar-coating 3/13/09 Sandy Maisel column: Lots of 24-7 news coverage, but what sources can you trust? 3/27/09 Sandy Maisel column: In this time of economic pain, we're flinging anger around 4/10/09 Sandy Maisel column: Mainers are exceptional, but even we can learn from others

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L. Sandy Maisel is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Government and the director of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Colby College. Mark D. Brewer is associate professor of political science at the University of Maine.

Parties and Elections in America is comprehensive, readable, well-organized, and cost effective (only one book for my students to buy for the course). It was a great choice for my 'Political Parties and Participation' class.
Thomas Baldino, Wilkes University

The unique political structures of the United States and the unpredictable behavior of its citizenry often mystify the observers of this, the world's oldest functioning democracy. Maisel and Brewer provide a wealth of information, insight, and understanding to demystify the American electoral process.
Garrison Nelson, University of Vermont

This text offers a comprehensive overview of subject matter, and focuses on topics I teach in my course ('American Campaigns and Elections') much better than other texts I have found.
Robert Speel, Pennsylvania University, Erie

Parties and Elections in America has no rival as a text on parties and electoral politics. It is the only book with an impressively broad coverage of the electoral system that includes parties, elections, and interest groups. No other text so well integrates political history, nuts-and-bolts politics, and major theories about electoral behavior and the electoral system. College instructors will find it to be an excellent cornerstone text for a wide range of courses about American popular politics.
Steven E. Schier

A great book... extremely readable and very accessible. Parties and Elections offers broad and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of political parties, especially campaign finance.
Sarah Binder, George Washington University

5th Edition
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