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Pray like a gourmet - David Brazzeal

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Pray like a gourmet - creative ways to feed your soul
David Brazzeal
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Imagine that prayer could be like savoring a fine French meal- a flow of engaging courses featuring creative recipes, infusing all your senses, and enticing a return for more. Is it possible? Yes! "Creative" doesn't actually do this book justice. David Brazzeal stirs together a love of French dining and his innovative prayer practices with a dash of international adventure to concoct an inspiring, reinvigorating prayer experience.Fun, yet profound, from confession to meditation, from observing to lamenting to praising, this book isfull of practical ideas. Some can be used immediately to spice up your next prayer time; others take a lifetime to master. Some can be used with groups, while others work well throughout the day.

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David Brazzealmakes his home in Paris, France where he enjoys warm baguettes from theboulangerieand fresh cheese from themarch.Since 1986 alongside his wife Sanan, David has worked with the International Mission Board in Brazil, Guadeloupe, Qubec and France, playing a leading role in five innovative new churches. Whether writing poetry, creating guerrilla labyrinths, or electro-meditative music, his work is inspired by the synergy that exists between the spiritual and the creative. He loves nudging those who are creative toward deeper spirituality and those who are spiritual toward heightened creativity.

"Brazzeal...has written a cookbook for prayer-literally. After a first section that likens learning to pray to learning to cook and also notes the importance of food in the Bible, the author, who lives in Paris, divides the book into sections. Instead of soups, salads, sides, main courses, and desserts, these sections cover different types of prayer, such as thanksgiving, confessing, and asking, complete with 'recipes.'Thus 'praising'prayers, which are likened to hors d'oeuvre, contain 'recipes'that call for praying by writing down all the verbs in Psalm 147 or by creating a physical movement that opens you to God. Likewise, recipes for 'blessing'prayers include visualizing a friend in a setting that represents well-being and joy. The book's voice is exuberant and the cookbook idea clever and appealing. Rather than a tome to be read and forgotten, the volume is formatted as a resource to keep handy, maybe even among cookbooks. The book might benefit from less autobiography and even more recipes, but it's still a delectable read, supplemented by tasty quotes from Christian sages." (Apr.) -Publisher's Weekly

"Pray like a gourmet-I love the metaphor. I know what it means to have been preoccupied by excellent food and wine. I have also learned to apply that strong desire to my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to be nourished and sustained, even to the point ofresilience.I shall keep this series of 'tasteful disciplines'close at hand and consume them daily as I hunger and thirst after his righteousness."-Graham Kerr,The Galloping Gourmet

"LIKE A GOURMET is the gentlest, most readable, kindest guide to prayer one could ever hope to explore. Reading through its storied pages, one goes from 'I never thought of that before'to 'I could do that'to 'I want to do that'and back again. This one is an adventure for the believing heart."-Phyllis Tickle

"In Pray Like a Gourmet, influenced by his rich culinary experience in Paris, I learn about new tools and tantalizing ingredients to add to the shelves of my prayer closet, ones I have never sampled before. Brazzeal describes traditional prayer forms like Praise, Gratitude, and Confession but adds some newcomers for me like Blessing, Observing, and Joining. For each prayer form, he provides creative, embodied ways to practice them. He is both a playful host and a serious chef at this delicious prayer banquet. Pray Like a Gourmet whets my appetite to expand and to enrich my prayer life. It is a book to use over and over again. With highlights, notes and turned-down pages, I might just want to make a space for it in the kitchen, right next to my favorite cookbook." -Sybil MacBeth, author of Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God

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