Psychologists on psychology - David Cohen

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Psychologists on psychology
David Cohen
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to all those famous names you've read about in psychology? How and why did they get interested in psychology, and what makes them tick? Why was Eysenck so hostile to Freud? What was Skinner's problem with feelings?

Psychologists on Psychology presents a fascinating snapshot of psychology's leading protagonists. The last century has seen radical changes in thinking and practice, and the arguments that drive this change are surprisingly deep. These interviews give an insight into the conflicts and controversies at the heart of contemporary psychology, revealing a clash of visions of what human nature is all about.

From Skinner to Chomsky, Eysenck to Damasio, Psychologists on Psychology is a unique collection of in-depth conversations with world-famous psychologists.

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David Cohen is a prolific writer and film-maker, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He has written for The Guardian, The Times, New Scientist, and first interviewed Hans Eysenck for Penthouse. Cohen's previous books include Being a Man, How the Child's Mind Develops and Carl Rogers: A Critical Biography.

David Cohen's latest edition of Psychologists on Psychology is a fascinating unravelling of distinguished psychologists' thoughts on what psychology means to them, how they became involved in psychology, their work and where they see psychology going in the future.
Reading this book I find that psychologists who are so prominent in papers, journals and in lectures come alive as real people with their own concerns and issues.
Full of insight and all-encompassing, there is much here to learn about psychology as a discipline and its main figures.
This book would be particularly useful to the student just discovering psychology, as it covers a lot of ground in a short space, but is definitely worth a read whatever one's standing for its literary value and humour alone.
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