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Quest for exceptional leadership - Ravi Chaudhry

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Quest for exceptional leadership - mirage to reality
Ravi Chaudhry
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality outlines the emergence of a new fifth phase of human enterprise that is redefining the criteria of success as well as re-configuring the routes to success. The author analyses the changing paradigms and provides a down-to-earth, realistic blueprint to acquire the relevant leadership traits. Corporations do not have the option to wait; they have to re-align themselves with the new reality - now.

Based on substantial research and analysis, the book is full of path-breaking innovative concepts such as:

- 'Seven Prime Realities' that adversely impact our businesses and lives.

- 'Seven Allies to Catalyze Change' that can augment social consciousness in business.

- 'Four Quadrant Matrix' to make the right choice, every time.

- 'Five Circles of Leadership Attitudes' to assess where you are.

- The journey from 'Base Camp Leadership Traits', to summit of Exceptional Leadership

The author makes a compelling case that those who embrace the new realism will achieve sustained profitability for their companies and 'Triple Top Line' of joy, peace, and contentment in their personal lives.

The book would inspire every CEO and every aspiring CEO to map out his or her own personal path to becoming an exceptional leader. It is a pioneering endeavour to bring the CEO's personal value system into mainstream dialogue and to convince why corporate objectives can no longer disregard society's interests.

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Ravi Chaudhry is a Strategy Consultant to corporations, governments,civil society and think-tanks; mentor to CEOs and corporateboards; public intellectual; futurist; public speaker and a Fellow ofthe World Business Academy, a network of global thought leadersthat represent some of the best and brightest men and women shapingtoday's landscape. Recipient of the 'Ambassador of Knowledge'award by Life Learning Academia, Slovenia, he is often referred to asa leadership guru.

He is a much sought-after strategic advisor on Re-thinking GlobalStrategy and India's Role. An astute observer of the emerging globalcomplexities, trends and risks, he blends information, knowledgeand wisdom to create innovative modules such as Re-inventing leadershipto cope with future, and mindfulness - the trait that bridges thegap between achievement and potential. He is rated as one of the profoundestthinkers on business leadership, with an eclectic approachthat combines sound economics with profound philosophy. He canbring light, perspective and prescription. He is not just thought-provoking,he is also action-provoking, and his insights are full ofchange triggers, for mindset and heartset.

He is the Founder Chairman of CeNext Consulting and InvestmentPvt Ltd, a New Delhi-based strategy consulting firm. His clientsinclude several Fortune 1000 corporations and small- and mediumsizedenterprises (SMEs) all over the world, numerous Indianbusiness groups, and Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil,Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Uganda. He has alsoworked for United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) and World Bank and has served on the Boards of severalcompanies and organizations. He continues to be InternationalBoard Director, Future 500 USA; Co-Chair, EthicMark JudgesPanel USA; Member, EVIAN Brains Trust at International Instituteof Management Development (IMD), Switzerland; New CivilizationYouth Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan; and Executive Committeeof Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Prior to that, he was the Chairman of four companies in the TataGroup, India.He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences,global seminars and CEO gatherings in all continents, on a widevariety of issues relating to mindfulness and leadership, values andethics, Board effectiveness, new trajectories of innovation, entrepreneurship,education, future of business, economics and society,democracy and capitalism, and agenda to create an equitable, sustainableworld. He lives in New Delhi, India.

A wise and practical book that provides an action plan for creating a more just and equitable society and a sustainable, humane business ethos through the practice of exceptional leadership.

Currents in Commerce, World Business Academy

Indian business leader Ravi Chaudhry has written the best handbook for corporate executives in years. His call for exceptional leadership is based on the new realities of our multi-polar world beyond the trite formulas of the business and financial media. Chaudhry is precise, with hundreds of examples illustrating his strategies and recommendations. He is one of the new voices showing new ways ahead.
Hazel Henderson

A wise and practical book. Interweaving analysis with the lessons of history and ancient wisdom, it predicts that the future growth and progress of corporations will be directly linked with the growth and progress of communities and societies in which they function. With insight and nuance, Ravi discusses the three traits of exceptional leadership. Business schools should integrate his book into the curriculum; business leaders will find it "a gentle guide" and a source of conviction that we need a new paradigm of leadership.
World Business Academy, USA

I do hope the book reaches out to enlighten the citizens of our country to the ills that are currently prevalent and help in building a better society for the coming generations.
Ratan Tata

The book is based on a lot of solid research and has a high knowledge density. On every page there is something to be learned or understood. The references and examples are enlightening and bring about a convincing clarity. This book is not just thought provoking but action provoking and calls for changes that are both radical and inevitable. The book is full of change triggers and I guess that for almost every reader there will be one or more such triggers that will bring about a change in mindset so that indeed the Triple Top Line and the Triple Bottom Line driven by the Tripod of Exceptional Leadership are achieved. This books calls for a change from "mindset" to "heartset".
Toine Van Megen

In his book, the Indian business and thought leader Ravi Chaudhry has stressed the "quest for exceptional business leadership" that recognizes and acts on the basis of the new realities and challenges of the 21st century. Exceptional challenges require exceptional business leadership. With it we may see the apocalyptic trends reversed.
Jean-Pierre Lehmann

A magnum opus - brilliant and thought provoking.

All the chapters/parts appear to be well interconnected and there is a complete clarity in the chapter presentation.. The book definitely provides latest concepts and examples that encourage and facilitate better learning. There is a fresh approach to looking at the new-age leadership strategies. It brings out quite succinctly the social purpose of business as a dominant leadership philosophy. The book threads together with great ease a strong humanity-building desire and entrepreneurial thinking. This book is extremely inspiring, insightful and thought provoking. In a nutshell, this book is a critique of today and warns its outcome for tomorrow. It evokes a plethora of thoughts and stimulates critical thinking.

Volume 13, No 1,
2012 - Global Business Review

Ravi Chaudhry draws attention to the changing paradigm shifts, which will become necessary for business leaders to achieve success in the future. He also suggests how leaders will have to refocus and align to the new methods to survive in a competitive and dynamic environment. The book has something for every corporate leader of the 21st Century.
The Times of India

Indian business leader Ravi Chaudhry has written the best handbook for corporate executives in years, Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality. In laying out his criteria for exceptional leadership, Ravi Chaudhry is precise, with hundreds of examples illustrating his strategies and recommendations, many unfamiliar to traders in London or Wall Street.

Seeking Alpha

The book contains plethora of examples, new matrixes, research findings, empirical studies, global perspectives, experiences, comparative studies and practical tips. The distinctiveness of this book lies in path-breaking innovative is worth reading again and again. The book deserves a very respectable place in all management libraries.


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