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Relationship Reconnected - David Simonsen

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Relationship Reconnected - Proven Strategies to Improve Communication and Deepen Empathy
David Simonsen
Paperback / softback
Rockridge Press
UK Publication Date

New communication strategies to help committed couples reconnect.

It's no secret that good communication is the foundation of healthy relationships, but all too often long-time couples drift apart as they struggle to express themselves. Relationship Reconnected does what great relationship books should, helping mend that disconnect with practical, research-based communication tools and strategies.

A must-have for anyone looking into relationship books, Relationship Reconnected explores the benefits of nonviolent communication. From observing and identifying your feelings to acknowledging your needs and wants, discover simple and effective ways to restore the bond between you and your partner.

Go beyond other relationship books with:

  • Rebuild empathy-Dig into one of the few relationship books that targets the unique needs of partners in long-time relationships.
  • Real scenarios-Real-life case studies show how nonviolent communication can help with conversational pain points and strengthen your commitment.
  • Practical advice, engaging exercises-Make real changes using straightforward action plans and guided exercises-complete with sample dialogues.

There are lots of relationship books-make sure you and your partner are getting advice meant specifically for you with Relationship Reconnected.

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DR. DAVID SIMONSEN has been a licensed marriage and family therapist for 19 years. During that time he has helped hundreds of families and couples work through problems in their relationships. You can find out more about him at

"If your relationship is suffering, communication issues are often at the root of the problem. In this book, Dr. David Simonsen teaches you the heart of good communication. I read everything in a couple of hours, easily understood the concepts, and have started using what I've learned already! If you're looking for a quick read with usable concepts to help your relationship, this book is for you."-Collin Hansen MS, LMHCA

"Every couple struggles with communication at some point in their relationships. Relationship Reconnected is designed to improve communication, active listening, and empathy in relationships using proven therapeutic methods. I have been a mental health counselor for 15 years and have used many professional books in my practice-David has been able to write an easily accessible journey that motivates readers, uses clear language, and guides couples to a more intimate connection. He's created an impressive guide that is great for any professional to use in their practice or for couples seeking guidance on their own."-Leslie DeMarco, licensed mental health counselor & owner of Counseling Services of Olympia, PLLC

"As a therapist, I am always looking for tools that will actually make a difference for my clients. The concepts and great examples in this book make effective communication accessible to anyone. Every couple should read this book!"-Joel Swan, licensed therapist

"Relationship Reconnected is a wonderful and delightful look into the efficacy of non-violent communication (NVC) for enhancing communication in relationships. This book is ideal for those looking to move forward from negative past experiences and seek more positive and communicative relationships in the future. By reading this book you will learn to identify the kind of relationship you currently have and how to work with your partner to foster the relationship you ultimately want. This book is a win-win for those seeking to enhance their relationships and will serve those follow its teachings well."-Charles Joel Taylor, MA, LPC

"Relationship Reconnected is a practical tool for every marriage, offering a step-by-step approach to improve communication and connection. Couples can find effective ways to identify emotions and feelings within themselves and stop falling into the typical pitfalls that lead to disconnection within the marriage."-Amy Vitacolonna MS, LMHCA

"Dr. David Simonsen has found a way to describe the 'relationship rut,' the fallout, and how to get back to those fantastic, loving conversations you used to have. Dr. Simonsen's term, 'NVC' (Nonviolent communication), helps give examples of how relationships fall into the rut and how to get out of it. Dr. Simonsen does a fantastic job using everyday terms that makes the book easy to read and understand. I will be recommending this book to my own clients who have found themselves in that circle of confusing assumptions, responsive sarcasm, and uncaring and unconcerned tones."-Michelle K. Tremblay, MA, family therapist and forensic interviewer

"Practical, clear, and concise, this little book is sure to be helpful to anyone who has struggled in their relationship. Relationship Reconnected is quick to read at first, but also easy to refer back to when you want to recall one of the many specific and helpful tips packed into the book. Simonsen has succeeded here; consequently, so will many intimate relationships that were previously struggling along without much hope."-Geoffrey Ankeney, M.D., family physician

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