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Rockin' out - Reebee Garofalo

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Rockin' out - popular music in the USA
Reebee Garofalo
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For undergraduate courses in the History of Popular Music, the History of Rock and Roll, American Popular Music and American Popular Song.

Rockin' Out provides a comprehensive social history of popular music in the United States from the heyday of Tin Pan Alley to the current sounds of electronic dance music and teen pop, from the invention of the phonograph to the promise of the Internet. It offers an analysis and critique of the music itself and the conditions of its production and consumption. The text is organized chronologically and thematically around particular genres/styles of music and addresses such dimensions as race, class, gender, ethnicity, technology, copyright and the structure of the music industry as they affect the development of the music.

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Reebee Garofalo has taught at the University of Massachusetts Boston since 1978. He is the co-author of Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Pay (1977), editor of Rockin' the Boat (1992), and co-editor of Policing Pop (2003). He has written numerous articles and lectured internationally on a broad range of subjects relating to popular music and the music industry and serves on the editorial collective of the Journal of Popular Music Studies. As a fan, musician, and educator, he is immersed in music, particularly its use as a community resource and an educational tool.

"ROCKIN' OUT: Popular Music in the USA is a vital addition to the history of America's most popular product. Reebee Garofalo takes the reader from pop to rock 'n' roll through punk and rap, always careful to assign credit to African-American inspiration and pioneers. Everyone is here-performers, producers, engineers. salesmen, hucksters, and geniuses. If you want to know who put rock and roll in rock 'n' roll, and how and why it happened, read this book." - Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP

"Garofalo presents a fascinating account of American popular music-its evolution and exploitation by the music industry. While discussing the many forms that comprise this tradition, he explores the role of race, culture. class, technology, and profit in its production and mass marketing. The most comprehensive survey of post-World War 11 American popular music to date, ROCKIN' OUT is a book every popular music enthusiast must read." - Portia K. Maultsby, Ethnomusicologist, Indiana University/Bloomington

"ROCKIN' OUT is right on! Compelling, comprehensive, and complete. this book represents the history of popular music in the U.S.A. in a way that we've never seen before. Garofalo knows the artists, the audience, arid the industry, and he tells their stories in original and insightful ways. But he also connects popular music to the social world that gives it determinate shape, explaining how commercial forces, mass migration, urban life, and consumer culture have shaped the origins and evolution of the music we love. From Sinatra to Springsteen, from Motown to Madonna, from Tin Pan Alley to Tupac Shakur, Garofalo deftly mixes understanding and empathy with keen critical analysis..." - George Lipsitz, Professor, American Studies, University of California/Santa Cruz

3rd Edition
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Popular music - United States - History and criticism.
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New Jersey
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